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What Should You Ask Your Electrician Before Hiring Him For A Home Improvement Project?


One of the most significant aspects of any home improvement, building, or remodeling project is the installation of electrical wires and gadgets. Electricity plays an essential role in our homes and offices. We can’t do even small day-to-day activities if the electricity in our homes is not well installed. Under such circumstances hiring an efficient electrician becomes essential. The market is filled with hundreds of electrical services and electricians. But are all these services good and efficient? The answer to this is a BIG NO. So, what should be done before hiring an electrician?

You can ask him specific questions that will ensure you about his efficiency and capability to complete the job. Remember, any fault in the electrical system and appliances can cause major accidents resulting in death or serious injuries. Hence, here are few important questions that you must ask your electrician before hiring him for your project work.

Ask Him If He Is Licensed, Insured, And Affiliated By Any Organization?

Having a license is of extreme importance. An electrician will get his license only after he qualifies for specific exams, and after that, he works as an apprentice. Thus, it is a guarantee that he has good knowledge of his work. Why is insurance important? Electric power is dangerous, and accidents can occur any time while working with electrical wires and appliances. Under such circumstances, if he gets injured or there is any loss to your property, you will be liable to repay it.

However, if he is insured, the damage will be covered by the insurance company. Now let us talk about credentials and certifications. If he is affiliated with your city or state’s local body, it ensures that he is trustworthy and is aware of the state and federal regulations. Therefore, hiring an electrician who is licensed, insured, and affiliated by a local organization ensures that your work is under safe, experienced ad trusted hands.

Ask Him If He Will Gives You The Previous Client’s References?

The things mentioned earlier make him authorized to work as an electrician, but you cannot be sure of what quality he will produce unless you have seen his past work. But if he provides you with the reference, you can ask them about their experience. However, no one will provide you a reference who can give negative feedback. So what should be done? You can ask your friends, neighbors, and relatives to refer you to some good and reliable electrical services that they had a good experience with.

Ask Them About Their Field Of Specialization?

You must be wondering that if they are electricians, they will perform all types of electrical tasks? What specialization can they have? However, the fact is that electricians also have different fields of discipline. The ones who are experts at laying down the electrical wires might not be experts at repairing your toaster. The ones who work on residential projects are not good enough for commercial projects. So, ensure to find the right electrical services for the correct electrical work. Else, you will not get the proper result, and there will be a lot of confusion.

Ask Him Will This Job Require A Permit?

If the task is complicated sufficient to require a permit, the electrician you hire must take care of the permitting and inspection process.

Ask Him What Is Warranty Or Guarantee of his Service?

Professional electricians will always warranty their work, ensure the fixtures or devices that they use also come with a warranty.

Do Not Forget To Take The Quotes

One major mistake that people often make is they do not ask for the quotes in advance, and once the work is done, they are shocked to see the amount on the bill. Therefore, it is recommended to take the quotes well in advance and check what they are charging and based on what. This will avoid conflicts in the future.

These were some of the vital questions you must ask your electrician before hiring him for your project. These simple questions will ensure that you get the best possible expert in your area.