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Marketing Benefits Of Using Pallet Displays


Today, selling a product is a challenge as the customers have a plethora of options to choose from. Besides, most people already have a list of products they want to buy before they enter the store. Therefore, it becomes essential especially for retail store owners to display various products in such a way that it influences the buying decision of the customers.

Many retailers use in-store marketing methods to grab the attention of the customers. A point of purchase (POP) display is an efficient in-store method that can escalate retail sales. A well-organized, properly placed, and informative display can target customers and make them buy your products.

 There are numerous ways with which you can grab the eyes of the customers and pallet displays are one of them. Let us understand what pallet displays are and how they can benefit retail stores.

What Is A Pallet Display?

A full-size wooden pallet that is used to ship products and is also used in the retail environment to display products.

Benefits Of Retail Pallet Displays

Easy To Install:

For a store owner, it is difficult and time-consuming to place displays for various products. But you don’t have to worry when you consider pallet displays. As they come fully assembled, installing, and placing a pallet display is easy and less time-consuming. All you have to do is staple the print on the wooden surface of the pallet and place it wherever you want. Within minutes, you can up your pallet and display the products of your choice.

Helps To Grab Customers Attention:

In a retail environment, you only have approximately 90 seconds to grab the attention of the customers. Here, pallet displays especially with a pallet skirt play a crucial role as they are bigger and provides adequate space for advertisement. A well-placed, informative, and attractively stacked pallet helps a great deal in gripping customers’ attention and boosting sales.

Custom Design:

One of the best things about using pallet displays is that you can customize the design that suits your needs and requirements. As you know that you need to stick or staple a flex or a foam board on the wooden pallets, it becomes easy to customize your design. You can customize the color as per the brand, the information you want to display, the shape, overall graphics, etc. It, therefore, increases the chances of grabbing the shopper’s attention, which can eventually lead to an increase in sales.


As per the research, the customers tend to move to the right as they enter the store. Therefore, if you place your pallet displays in such a way that it comes in the eyes of customers immediately as they enter, they tend to spend time on it. They try to learn about your product. And by all probability pick them up to give a try. Hence, with attractive graphics and adequate information, strategically placed pallet displays can help you increase sales and therefore, your overall revenue.

Add Colors:

When you are using pallet displays, you are getting adequate space for displaying your creativity. Therefore, while planning the graphics of your stand ensure that you add more color as it will make it stand out from the display of the competitors considering the shape and size of the pallet displays. Colors can help you grab the attention of the shoppers. As per a study, it is proved that around 60-80% of the customers are drawn towards the display solely because of the attractive color. So, ensure that you add color to your display stand and make it look attractive.

The retail sector is one of the major driving forces behind the increase in sales for various brands. Therefore, marketing the product in the right way becomes vital. As you choose from a series of display methods to attract customers, make your selection based on utility, cost, and ease of maintenance to fetch maximum returns.