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Is It Important To Cover Your Air Conditioner In Winters?

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A domestic or commercial air conditioning unit is a major gadget which can correspond to major replacement expenses. And hence, maintaining your domestic and commercial air conditioning unit is extremely important but is it necessary to cover your air conditioning unit?

An exterior AC unit cover is tailored to keep the dirt and debris away, however, it may not be the ultimate choice for every other home or business. As the winter advances, fallen leaves along with snow or ice can enter the condensing unit and trigger severe damage. First, we will discuss why it is important to cover your air conditioning unit during winters and then we can list a few tips on how to do so effectively. These tips have been strategized by having a discussion with experienced air conditioning installers in London.

Leaves and Debris

It is understandable that fallen dried leaves and other debris can get stuck in the delicate fins of your condenser unit coil. Due to this, the outdoor condenser unit won’t be able to discharge heat to cool your room. It is also important to get this unit cleaned by an efficient domestic or commercial air conditioning london company at the end of winters.


A thick layer of snow can completely cover the outdoor unit. It is fairly common to have a thin layer of frost on the condenser unit, but don’t let it transform into a thick layer of snow. This thick layer of snow has the potential to damage the fan blades and coil and you will need to contact an air conditioning company london to get it fixed.

HailStorm or Falling Ice

It is fairly common to witness customary hailstorms during winters and the force of this falling ice can cause significant damage to the condenser unit and damage the delicate coils. Air conditioning maintenance London companies suggest businesses to go for a custom cover that can safeguard the condenser unit against this phenomenon.

Dripping Water

The water dripping from overhead trees or gutters can get into the outdoor unit and cause irreversible damage. And when the temperature drops below 0 degrees, it transforms into ice and damages the sensitive fins and coils. A toshiba air conditioning unit or mitsubishi air conditioning units are still better against this during the winters.

Now, we have seen why it is important to cover your air conditioning units during winters.

Let us now see how to cover your AC during winters

  • You can make a cover of breathable substance for your fujitsu air conditioning unit or daikin air conditioning unit.
  • Next, you can use a piece of plyboard on top of the condenser unit to protect it from snow and ice and keep a heavy object or a brick to keep it in place against strong winter winds.
  • It is also possible to erect a wood shelter connected to your residential or commercial building that can easily cover the outdoor condenser unit.
  • Plant bushes or shrubs around the condenser unit that can give good protection against wind and snow.
  • Check with an air conditioning installation London company about the sufficient clearance for air flow that is required for optimum operation during the summer season.
  • Lastly, you can build your own cozy shelter for the condenser unit that offers protection during winters and a cool shade during summers. These days, you can find aesthetic designs on how to cover your AC for winter on many websites. The most important thing to take care of is to have sufficient ground clearance around the outdoor unit for proper air flow.

The above tips guide you on how to cover your air conditioning unit in winters. Now, it is time to discuss what not to do when trying to cover your AC unit. You should never cover your air conditioning unit in plastic. Most commercial air conditioner covers are made of plastic. Do you know why it is a horrible idea? It is due to the fact that plastic is not a breathable material. This is undoubtedly the best tip about how to cover your air conditioning unit for winters. It is agreeable that a plastic wrap can keep the leaves, debris and snow away. The issue is, these covers also do not let the condensation escape. When that happens over a period of time, your AC will develop rust or mold. Plastic covers are also notorious to allow insects and other species to come and stay in your outdoor AC unit.

Wrapping Up

Now that we have covered all the tips, we hope you are better equipped to cover your AC units during winters. Having said that, one of the most efficient ways to ensure your AC unit is in optimum working condition throughout the year is to arrange annual maintenance with your local domestic or commercial air conditioning london companies to keep major replacement costs at bay.