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Easy Steps For Getting A Canada Work Permit

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Every year more than 200,000 foreign-skilled migrants come for a better employment opportunity in Canada on a Temporary work permit. The Canadian work permits, also commonly known as Canadian work visas, allow the foreign workers to work freely in Canada without fussing about the points-based assessments. Now, to work in Canada on an official Canadian work visa, it is mandatory to have an offer letter from a Canadian organisation and receive a Labour Market Opinion by the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HSRDC).

When you think about applying for a Canadian work visa, it is important that you comprehend the entire process in detail. One more thing to realise is that the Canadian work visas are temporary in nature and are available only to the workers with a job in Canada or a job offer from a Canadian organisation. It is very different to applying for a Canada PR from Abu Dhabi or Canada PR from Dubai, which is not related to a particular employer.

Extensive guide to get a Canadian work permit

Canada Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

The fact of the matter is that you will require both a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and a passport to apply for a Canadian work visa. There might be some exceptions in the case of some foreign workers. However, it is ideal to get your passport ready and fill out the application for an additional visa early if there is a requirement. If you feel you are not sure whether you can apply for a work permit or a Canadian PR, you can contact one of the best PR consultancy for Canada in Dubai.

Check All Requirements for Canadian Work Visa

The requirements to apply for a Canadian work visa depends on each case as everyone is applying for a different position. For some specific jobs, to apply for a Canadian work visa, you just need to provide an evidence of work experience or diploma, a copy of positive labor market opinion and also a written and signed copy of the job letter from a Canadian organisation.

If your case does not require you to obtain a positive labor market opinion then you will just require a document proving your immigration status from the country of your residence and a travel document or your passport. Additionally, you might need a police clearance certificate and medical assessment if need be. Contact a Canada work visa consultants in dubai today to find out if you require a police clearance and medical assessment for your case.

Canada Temporary Work Visa Application Package

You can easily obtain a Temporary Work Visa application package from your local Canadian visa office or online from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Once you obtain the application package, fill out the form and submit all the additional paperwork needed for your employment. Without doing so, you may risk delaying the application or it can also be cancelled. To avoid that, you can take help from some of the best PR consultant for Canada in Dubai as they also handle work permit visas quite efficiently.

Find your Local Canadian Visa Office

If you obtained the application kit online and once it is filled out, you need to submit them. You can do so by mail or in person at the local Canadian visa office in your country. You must make all relevant inquiries regarding the processing charges and submit your application along with necessary paperwork to fast-track your application.

Track Your Application

The processing time for work permit visas typically depend on the country of your residence and each case is different. There is no fixed application time for a work permit visa to be accepted. Hence, it is quite necessary to submit all the necessary paperwork in one go so there is no delay or cancellations during the process.

Inform the Canadian Visa Office on Changes

Once you have submitted your application successfully, the waiting time begins. In that period, if there is any change in your life like marriage, or kids, job or change of address etc. Then you need to inform the Canadian immigration regarding this change. If they are not aware of these changes, it might delay your application process.

Final Word

When you are thinking of applying for a work permit or a PR, it might be overwhelming as there are a lot of factors that affect your application and you will have to be patient. The process looks complicated but you just need to follow the steps suggested by your Canada PR Visa consultant in Dubai to fast-track your work permit or PR visa to Canada. Once you get your visa, you will be on the path to achieve your Canadian dreams in the land of opportunities.