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Everything You Need to Know About Venetian Plaster Application

Venetian Plaster Application 
Venetian Plaster Application 

Are you planning to give your house a makeover? If you are obsessed with luxury decorative finishes on your wall and have dropped it only because it doesn’t fit your budget, here is good news for you, you can try the durable, elegant, and versatile Venetian Plaster. With the help of Venetian plaster, you can transform your walls into a stylish and elegant wall finish. Venetian plaster is mostly used in corporate buildings and business centers to give that royal look.  Venetian plaster is nothing but a combination of both marble dust and limescale mixed with water. This putty is burned once it is applied to the wall to get that marble-like finish. With the help of skilled craftsmen and professionals, you can easily achieve the look you want with Venetian plaster. The main advantage of why it is preferred in the interior of the homes is because of the unique texture and look it offers. Nowadays, Venetian plaster application is grown easier, because they contain acrylic polymers that provide a durable and long-lasting finish.

You can find venetian plasters in shops that sell home-related goods and also in paint shops. You can get loads of color options to choose from. The fun part is that you can customize it by using universal dyes which helps you achieve the colour you want. If you want any texture you can let your supplier know it before Venetian plaster application.

All About Venetian Plaster Application


It is essential that you use a branded primer if there is excessive suction on the surface. In order to apply impervious materials, you need to use Baumit DG27.

Venetian Plaster Application
Venetian Plaster Application

Backing Coat:

Applying 1mm of smooth and thick base coat of lime wall finish is enough if you do not require priming. You can use the spade-shaped stainless steel tool for this purpose. If you require marbling and veining effects, you can give color to it. With the help of a trowel, you can easily give the pattern you want and leave it for 3 to 4 hrs to harden and cure.

Stucco Fine Plaster:

One thing you need to keep in mind while venetian plaster application is done always start working in one area in time. Start working from a small area of for example an area of 0.5m x 0.5m.  With the help of spatula and trowels, you can apply different textures; you just need to do it, when it is wet. If you need to achieve a unique finish, you need to provide different effects.

You can easily get the finish with a single coat of Venetian plaster, however, if you require marble and decorative finishes you can easily do it by applying additional coats. In order to get a marble look and a 3D finish, you can provide 2 or more coats of lime plaster. Before you start the final layer, it is essential that you complete a burning process within 60 minutes of application. You can easily check if it is dry or not by moving the trowel over a small area if it doesn’t move then it is not dry yet.

Venetian Plaster Application 
Venetian Plaster Application

Burnishing & Soaping:

As the plaster dries, add polishing soap and hone the plaster with circular strokes. For this process, you can use a spatula or a trowel. Remember to use a smaller tool; the smaller the tool is higher will be the pressure. As the plaster comes out, you will be able to bring out more shine to the surface.


Allow the plaster to be cured and hardened one day after burning before applying a natural wax for extra protection of the Venetian plaster application. Punic and Carnuba wax is used to create an intense shine and smooth look.

It is very important that you need to work on it carefully to get the perfect finish. It is a good idea to understand more about the Venetian plaster application before using it.