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Top Treks in Sikkim


The region of North East India is a hidden gem in terms of beauty, adventure, and many more. The fresh air, open environment, and mountains are the attractions that can not be found anywhere else.

Home to glaciers, alpine meadows, and Buddhist influence is what makes Sikkim a must-visit destination in India.

Plenty of tourists are unaware of the beauty and exciting spots in Sikkim. Rich flora and fauna are some of the major attractions in Sikkim along with many natural wonders.

Trekkers, wildlife photographers, leisure tourists, and many other travel enthusiastic can find Sikkim as a perfect traveling destination in India.

Now, for the daredevils of India, we have top treks in Sikkim that are unforgettable and just amazing.

  • Everest Base camp trek

Duration: 15 days

Altitude: 18,513 ft

Starting from Kathmandu, this is the most adventurous trek in Sikkim. This trek is the closest spot to the Everest summit.

Snow-covered mountain peaks and green valleys, this trek in Sikkim is also a very close encounter to heaven.

Trekkers can go as far as they like to explore the forest and many natural wonders.

Everest base camp trek is a treat to the professional trekkers, going through rocks, valleys, mountain ranges, forest, and whatnot.

For many trekkers, this is also a great opportunity to explore the local settlements and culture. Lots to explore and encounter this trek is full of surprises. 

The majestic mount Everest is the main attraction of this trek among many other factors.

  • Goecha La Trek

Duration: 11 days

Altitude: 16,200 ft

This trek in Sikkim works as an introductory trek. A must-do trek of Goecha La is capable of representing Sikkim as a whole.

Known for the famous majestic Kanchenjunga and many Himalayan ranges this trek is a white trek.

But not entirely white, one can also roam around in the beautiful forest of oak, deodar trees, and rhododendron. Explore the wild or enjoy the view of the white Himalayan ranges, this trek in Sikkim is open for all. 

  • Dzongri trek

Duration: 11 days

Altitude: 16,404 ft

The top thrilling trek in Sikkim, Dzongri trek is a short altitude trek. Through this trek only, one can also enjoy the view of various other peaks. 

In this trek in Sikkim, the trail goes through various gorges and enjoy the music of several birds residing there.

A very picturesque trek, multiple amazing factors can also come in front of the trekker. For sure, one will be amazed by encountering the Blue mountain sheep which very famous and also rare. 

Dzongri trek is an experience that can only be seen in Sikkim.

The snow-peaked mountains and the fresh air are the main sellers of this trek.

  • Versey Trek

Duration: 10 days

Altitude: 10,039 ft

Experience something out of the line and visit this soft trek near the border of Nepal and India. Trek or set a camp, this trek is accessible for everything and any kind of trip.

The trek through the forest of wilderness and various Buddhist monasteries will make the visit satisfying.

Bird watching along with trekking, hiking, and camping are the main attractions of Versey trek. 

Also known as the Versay Rhododendron Sanctuary, the sight of the whole trek is colored with beautiful rhododendron trees. 

Catch the full blossom of these in the month of April and March.

Sikkim in the West makes this trek a must-do for the thrill-seekers.

  • The kanchenjunga Trek

Duration: 8 days

Altitude: 17,000 ft

Starting from a small village in Sikkim, this trek takes the trekkers through breathtaking sights. The challenging trails of this trek take the trekker through the panoramic view of several mountains. 

The base camp of Kanchenjunga trek, mountaineering institutes are also settled for the training of the thrill-seekers.

This trek is a round trip that has the start and endpoints at the same spot. The scenic view of the third highest peak in the world is a view of all time.

The mystical beauty of waterfalls, valleys, swimming pool, sunset points, and five peaks surrounding Kanchenjunga is the major attractive factors of this trek.

Attractive fern plantation, orchids, birds, and many river basins are the elements combining in making this trek memorable.