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When you Need to Place an Order for Custom Cereal Boxes, You Need the Right Packaging Partner

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If you’re the owner or business manager of an FMCG or a similar industry dealing with foodstuffs, then cereal might be one of the products you make. Packaging for your foodstuff products is something that all business owners and procurement managers have thought about and hence, search for different companies to become packaging partners. However, when designing the custom cereal boxes, you need to choose a packaging company that helps you and assists you from start to end. If you don’t have a design department, it’s even more vital to find a packaging partner that offers design help and doesn’t make you break the bank. We’ll mention what qualities and value-added services you should look out for when contracting a packaging partner.

Help Designing Custom Printed Cereal Boxes

Although there are packaging businesses that offer free design work; however, that is not always the case. If you are thinking of relying on your future packaging partner, make sure they offer the following before placing an order for custom printed cereal boxes:

Dedicated Designers: The best packaging companies have several designers whom they allocate to work with the clients. These designers should follow your orders to the letter in making the custom cereal box design.

Dedicated Packaging Gurus: Good packaging businesses offer their expertise during the designing phase. They take your requirements and advise the best material and shape for the custom cereal boxes you want made.

Excellent Service: From your first contact with the packaging business’s representative to the sign-off and delivery of the order, everything should be smooth and hassle-free. Usually, you can tell if this company will be compatible after your first contact with their representative.

Getting Good Value-Added Services with Your Cereal Boxes Order

You bring business to a packaging company through your order; you help them run their business; that is why you should get value-added services. Besides the packaging and designing help that a company gives, you should look out for and inquire about the following:theuktime

Free Design Help and Packaging Advice – this is way up there; if they can give you a dedicated designer for free, you have got yourself an ideal packaging company. 

Free, Unlimited Design Revisions – Designing takes time and effort, and to get that masterpiece, revisions are necessary. If a company limits the number of revisions you can do for finalizing the design, it won’t cut it. Like the Packaging Republic, the best companies allow free unlimited revisions because they value their client.

Initial Die-making Should be on the House – Once you have finalized your design, if the company says it does not charge you for the initial die-making, you should think about signing the contract with them.

Free Shipping – if the packaging company says they will send your cereal boxes anywhere in the continental US free of charge, that is a significant plus point.

Getting Your Packaging Order on Time

Design help and value-added services aside, if you don’t get your order on time once you have finalized the design, then all of the above is worthless. The best packaging companies should get your order at your doorstep within 10 to 12 business days. If you require the order earlier, you should ask them if they have an expedited option. They should get your custom cereal boxes wholesale order in seven to eight business days after design finalization, including all necessary quality checks.

Other things to Consider

You may be considering creating your own cereal box; by all means, go for it, but make sure you do a feasibility study. We hope we could assist you by mentioning the valuable qualities to look out for when searching for a packaging partner.