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5 Myths Cleared About Virtual Murder Mystery Class Game

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If it is your first attempt at hosting a murder mystery party, you might be a bit overwhelmed with too much information available on the internet. There can also be questions related to the murder mystery events and what to include and what not to include. Having too much information or not having too much clear information can give rise to a lot of myths related to a thing. In this blog, we are going to clear out 5 important myths that are generally circulated about a virtual murder mystery game or class. 

Important myths about a virtual murder mystery game 

Scripted Game:

Every murder mystery dinner or game requires a particular format, no matter what the size is. You need a clear format even for a Zoom murder mystery party. If you are someone who hosts events or has a certain idea about hosting an event, private or public, you know that feedback is really important. Players and members can expect a little variety and you can also change the format a little bit. But throughout the changes, you will need interaction to happen between the players. The format is a blend of scripts and clues and without these things, the game plan can go out of control.

You can’t play if you are the host:

It is not necessary that if you are the host you will know the final secret and who is the murderer. The game can be played in a way that not even the host knows anything about the murderer. You can also choose to be an optional player, other players are also aware that you are an optional player. Online murdering mystery games are easy to host and a lot of fun to play.

Everybody needs a particular character:

There are many specialized games with over 50 people that can be assigned unique characters. In these games, there can be redundancy in the clues and a lot of characters can be ruled out easily. This can work for many large groups. But not every member has to have a unique character.

Murder mystery events are designed in a way that everybody involved has fun and plays a good part while playing the game. Murder mystery games are all about team building and interaction and having fun with whatever part you are given to play. It is not always about having the bigger part to play, it is all about playing the game and having fun during it.

Not everyone will enjoy it:

There can be members who might act too cool for these games. But almost every person involved, no matter what their age is, they have a blast playing these games. Some games might come across as silly, but there are many games, even for a Zoom murder mystery party that are really interesting and keep people engaged throughout the game.

Everybody involved in the game can play an equal part and they are sure to have fun. There are different games for different age groups. So you get a lot of options to choose from while picking a game for your particular group.

It’s good to jump on the game directly:

You will find people who might not be too interested in getting involved in the game before you actually play it. The pre-game is designed in a way that it attracts the attention of the players and leaves them wanting for more. This way you can make sure people are interested in the game beforehand and you can be sure that the members will come back for the game when it starts. You can also inform them about how vital or important their role or character is to the game. This might give them a boost.

But jumping directly to the game is not a good idea at all as it increases the chances of a no-show on the actual game day. It is better to have a pre-game discussion with all the members a few days before you play the game to keep them hooked. Pre-games can also have a task that needs to accomplish in order to play the actual game. This is a great way of knowing that everybody invited is interested and will come back for the actual game as well. 


People have all kinds of reservations and misunderstandings about murder mystery events, but all those misunderstandings arise when there is wrong information available. It clears up when they have indulged in a game themselves and understand it better, this can only happen when you play a game. A murder mystery game is popular among all age groups and not only between friends and families, but a lot of corporates also make use of it as a fun, team-building exercise for the employees. You can check out videos and instructions related to the game you are going to play.