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Online Rummy vs Poker



Rummy is well known for its different variants such as Gin and Canasta Rummy from the late twentieth century. Another version played in the US is 500 rum. In India, Online Rummy Games are also known as 13-Card Rummy and it is immensely famous. When you play Online 13-Card Rummy you will always be offered the three Indian Rummy variants, which are:

Points Rummy – In this variant, the winner is declared at the end of each deal. The Player who has the least points at the end of the game will become the winner.

Pool Rummy – A fixed amount of entry fee is formed to play for a prize pool. The elimination is based on the Rummy option, who has the highest score of 101 or 201 are eliminated from the pool.

Deals Rummy – The number of deals is fixed in Deals Rummy. Players play with each hand with the same number of chips. In the end, the winner will be the one who wins all the chips at the end of each deal.


Playing the game of poker is also fun, with its numerous available variants. Basically, there are three poker variants: Community Card Games, Draw Games, and Stud Games.

Stud Games – The players are given five to seven cards and they have to make use of original cards to make the best hands. Popular variants in stud games are High/Low Chicago, 7 Card Stud, and Follow the Queen.

Draw Games – The players can barter a few cards to enhance their gameplay. A popular variant of Draw Game is the 5-Card Draw.

Community Card Game – This is the famous variant where the players need to make their best hand by playing off the community cards. In this, they dealt whole cards face down. The famous games of community cards are Omaha and Texas Hold’Em.

Betting Factor

A factor that detains key importance between both games is betting. In Rummy games, no betting is involved. Online Rummy cash games totally depend on skills and strategy. In Poker, players have to evaluate their hands and bet accordingly as betting is an integral part of it.

Game Rules

Online Rummy is easier to play and understand as compared with poker. Even beginners find gameplay and Rummy rules less complex than Poker. The rules of Poker are hard to understand, which often become hard for novice players to understand.


In 13-Card Online Rummy, all you need are skills and strategies that hold vital importance to becoming a winner. Players need to evaluate their cards, plan before taking any step, and keep an eye on the cards that their opponents reject while combining their cards in a set or sequence. In Rummy, every action is based on strategy. Poker is also considered a game of skills and strategies. In this game, the results also depend, on whether you are playing with a strong hand or weak hand.

Place to Play

The poker game is popular around the globe and is largely played in casinos. It is also played online with actual players across the nation. In India, Rummy is a regular card game that has been an essential part of households during occasions and festivals. In contrast, card game lovers also like to Play Online Rummy on desktop and mobile apps against real players.

Factor of Popularity

The Rummy game is most popular in India and neighbouring countries. The popularity of Online Rummy is huge for Indian Rummy players. Moreover, Poker is not as popular as Rummy. It is one of the games mostly played in casinos. Online Rummy players enjoy the Rummy experience on mobile and desktop apps.


In spite of the similarities and dissimilarities between Poker and Rummy, Rummy games are more enjoyable and challenging. This game enhances the real-life skills of the players and requires practice and experience to win at the tables. Novice players can start with free practice games before they move forward to the real cash games of Rummy.