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Rules and Regulations for Setting up Estate Agent Boards

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Estate agent boards are an amazing way of advertising a property, be it for sale or for rent. They are not only advertising about your property, but also promoting their own brand and business at the same time. Estate agent boards can really help businesses in maximising their exposure and also offer the same exposure to agencies as well.

These boards are basically corrugated plastic signs or popularly known as correx signs, that can be easily put up outside a property that is available for sale or rent. Correx Board Printing is a common form of advertising for estate agents everywhere. These correx signs are often attached to railings or pasted on walls to advertise about the property available on the market.

Bollard Covers or estate agent slips are also a form of advertising or promotional material for estate agents and the properties listed on the market. Bollard covers are convenient as they do not have a high maintenance cost and are also less messy. These estate agent slips or bollard covers can be easily slipped over the top of your existing post.

Why do these regulations exist?

Any form of outdoor advertising has a certain set of rules that need to be followed, the same goes for estate agent boards as well. These rules are usually in place to filter out any false advertising claims or any kind of advertisements that might prove to be harmful. There are have been people or businesses in the past that have violated these rules and the authorities were required to get involved. The continuous breaches by several businesses forced the authorities to set some particularly strict rules about the signage. We are going to talk about some of those rules here in this blog. If you are looking to start estate agent board printing, you must go through these rules and remember them well so they can be helpful for you when you are coming with new designs for the boards.

Types of estate agent boards allowed

When it comes to putting up signs for advertising or promoting a property for rent or sale, there are only certain types of boards that can be put up. Your board must be a correx sign, meeting the size and projection requirements, but with good colours and design, you can achieve an amazing result.

Where to put up these boards?

This rule might sound like a no brainer. The boards may be placed on or around the area covered in the property that you are advertising or promoting. So you can clearly not place the boards on any streets off the property or next door. This rule avoids any kind of unauthorised posting on houses nearby.

How many boards can you use?

Any property being listed on the market, either for sale or for rent, can only be allowed one estate agent board on the premise of the property. In case the property you are advertising for is a bunch of multiple flats, then the council can be asked to allow you to put up more than one board. But this would require you to add the relevant flat number on each of these correx signs.

What can the size be?

The size of the board is an important aspect if you don’t intend to get any fines. The maximum size for any estate agent board is 0.5 sq metre. In case there are two joint boards, then the size can go up to 0.6 sq metre. Commercial properties often require larger boards, so they can have signs up to 2 sq metre, or if there are two boards then it can 2.3 sq metre. The projection for both commercial and resident properties is 1 metre.

How long can the boards be up?

Of course, the foamex board can be up on the property for as long as your property is still available for rent or sale. It only gets a bit tricky considering the period after the property has been sold off or allowed on rent. If you have any boards that have

information about the property being sold or allowed on rent already, then these signs must be taken off in the next 14 days. If you do not abide by the rules here, the council can take these signs of themselves. Anything apart from to-let or sale information of the property needs prior content from the council.

These rules do not have to affect your design

Having rules for estate agent board printing or shaped estate agent boards does not mean that you can’t have an attractive design. You just need to make sure that the characters or symbols on the shaped estate agent boards do not exceed 0.75 meters in height. Estate agent board printing is not as tricky as it sounds, you just need to take care of these rules and you are good to go.