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What Do The Best Corporate Videos Have In Common?

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By now you surely know the importance of having an online corporate video for your company in order to achieve visibility and closeness that translate into conversions.

At last you have decided to bet on video marketing, but now the question arises of what elements it must contemplate and what types of corporate video it must be to be successful.

To help you solve your doubts, in this article we tell you the 5 points that the most popular Video Production Company In Dubai in the world have in common.

1. Go straight to the point

People on the Internet suffer from infoxication, that is, they do not have time to process all the existing information. Nowadays blogs are not read, they are scanned with the eyes. The same occurs with the audiovisual format, where zapping is the order of the day.

The best company videos manage to capture the attention of the visitor from the first seconds and have a reduced duration.

2. They appeal to emotions

Another feature why corporate videos work so well is because they connect with the most human part of the customer. There are those who make you cry and there are those who use humor, as in the case of Delta Air Lines:

Do not think that due to the fact that it is a company video, it has to be absolutely serious; after all, people make decisions based on their feelings.

3. Focus on customer problem

A good corporate video does not insist on detailing the characteristics of the product, but concentrates its argument on why the visitor needs your product.

For that, it is essential to know your ideal client, to know what their needs and pain points are, as well as their objections when buying you so that they are resolved in the video.

A powerful resource to achieve this is the use of storytelling. People respond best to a story, whether real or fictional. A good corporate video script is the key.

For example, an interesting strategy could be to show a previous customer or a made-up character that has solved their need thanks to your product in a video.

4. They take care of production

The most popular corporate videos are endowed both a good script and a corporate video production of  image quality and professional audio.

No one expects a Hollywood blockbuster, but if you’re looking to make a big splash with your company video, you’re going to have to invest enough in it.

Luckily there is no need to spend exorbitant amounts; there are balanced options for value for money, such as those we offer at DOTMOTIONS video production company.

5. Include an effective call to action

A call to action, called CTA (Call to action), is the formula used to inform the potential customer of where to click to buy.

It is an essential part of your strategy, because it is of little use to convince the visitor if at the end of the video you do not indicate how they can hire you.

The most effective calls to action are those that stand out for their simplicity. Take care of making it easy for the customer by indicating the next step to solve their problem.

You can launch your call to action in different ways:

  • In the video itself: either the announcer or the characters in the video encourage the client to perform the action.
  • Through annotations: that kind of «pop ups» that appear next to the frame of the video itself on platforms such as YouTube and that when clicked, redirect directly to another related video through a link.
  • Using overlays of calls to action: also called Ad Overlays, small banners that serve to redirect the user to a page external to the platform such as your website.

Are you ready?

Time to put these 5 points into practice for a memorable corporate video.

Of course, you will have to keep in mind that the public is capricious and there is no magic formula for content to expand on the Internet and even go viral.

What is in your hand is to take care of all the ingredients to enable this to happen with a little luck