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6 Web Design Tools to Speed Up The Work


If you are a freelance and you have to carry out various activities without relying on the support of a team, you need a web design tool to speed up the work. Thus, every minute of the day becomes precious and you cannot risk wasting time on repetitive tasks losing sight of the main objective: to delight the customer.

In other words, you need effective resources and to minimize errors without decreasing productivity. Indeed better if you can increase it.

That’s why I have selected 6 web design tools for you to speed up the work. How about taking a look at it?

Sizzy: View multiple screens together

Here is the first of the web design tools to speed up the job: Sizzy.

What is the interesting aspect of this extension for Google Chrome? It allows you to preview multiple screens simultaneously while you are testing your web applications.

You will be able to observe how a potential customer’s website appears on different mobile devices: from smartphones to tablets.

How to use this web design tool? Just enter the URL in the dedicated field and in a few seconds you will have a quick overview. In addition, you can filter the devices, enlarge them or remove them.

This open source web design tool is perfect for detecting layout errors right away.

Sketch: discover the alternative to Photoshop

A web designer cannot ignore Sketch, a valid alternative to Photoshop to create the user interface.

This vector design tool was created by Bohemian Coding and allows you to order all documents and revisions with absolute simplicity.

The main functions of this web design tool:

  • Native;
  • Mirror;
  • Instruments;
  • Exports;
  • Precision;
  • Inspector.

The mirror option is particularly interesting because it allows you to observe the design of your project in real time on different devices. Also, being a vector-based application, the files are smaller in size.

But there is still more to say about this web designer tool that will not make you regret Photoshop: the integrated grid system to create the user interface is essential and very simple to use.

Another important detail: an always active community that provides professionals with numerous plug-ins to speed up the work of web designers.

User testing: improves the user experience

After creating a website, it is essential to understand how it is received by people and identify weaknesses. To solve any user experience difficulties you can use a web design tool to speed up the work.

I’m talking about UserTesting, a platform that provides a number of testers – ordinary and not necessarily technical people – ready to find difficult to read pages, buttons that don’t work, broken links, etc. and then offer feedback in a very short time.

The investigation is very accurate, those who take the test on the website make a video where they show the exact point where errors are found and explain to you what their navigation difficulties are.

You can also select profiled “operators” that ideally represent the target audience of your project.

But that is not all. You can personally test on your website, landing page, Facebook page or smartphone app. With this project manager you save time by speeding up your work as a web designer and find out how to optimize your website.

Web Design Quotation Generator: create the quote with a few clicks

The workflow of a web designer can be infinite and there is little time to deal with the administrative aspect. However, finding the right space to create a quote is a must: you have to respond to the needs of the potential customer and guarantee the income.

To get a good result and speed up this step you can take advantage of Web Design Quotation Generator. The service is offered by Beweets, but how does this web design tool work to speed up the work?

I tell you right away that to make a web design quote you will not need Excel sheets, calculators and Photoshop.

You will have to carry out two operations: enter your data, that of the customer, description of the project, activities to be carried out like Programs For Struggling Young Adults and relative prices. At this point, click on “Generate my quote” and you will get the desired result.

If you don’t want to use the web design tool, the platform gives you the opportunity to download complete models to customize.

Pttrns: organize your mobile projects

Before closing this list of web design tools to speed up the work, I recommend Pttrns, a brainstorming solution for projects that feature mobile devices. The tool is divided into platforms, each reserved for Android, iPhone and iPad and Apple Watch.

In the categories section you will find the necessary options to understand how the design will appear on smartphones and tablets. In this way it will also be easier to create sidebars, notifications, messages.

In addition, when you click on a category you can choose between some design models.

Type Scale: resize the typographic details

Before saying goodbye I want to leave you one last web design tool to speed up the work: Type Scale. This reality allows you to resize typographic details according to the needs of the website.

In practice, you can change the weight and the font family in a preview. The result? Choosing the font for the blog will no longer be a matter of indecision.

Web design tool: which tools do you use?

What do you think of these 6 web designer tools? Do you use any of them down or are they all new?

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