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Top visiting places and stuff to do in Kasol


Kasol is a village of the Parvati Valley, a marvellous place to see, with an air that does not only mystify your sense but also lets you live in life. The famous destination of the Himachal is best known for its exciting walks, flavorful food, roaring river and hearty humanity. The entire trip full of trekking, mountain sighting, etc. makes you feel and believe that now is the moment to do the things you want and since your wings are already there, you have nothing to do with travelling. This is one of the best summer holidays, regardless of age.


Kheerganga is a small village in the laps of Parvati Valley with an imperfect to the ideal touch of all God can do to endow the land. The village is best known for its trekking journeys, which are well above the challenging essence of the climb. The walk begins at Tosh base camp, where it takes 13 kilometres on one path that takes up to 6-7 hours.

Far from the urban cage, people here delight in the beauty that the country has to offer. Do you have to hear of the medicinal hot springs? Well here in Kheerganga, it is not only a dip that can rejuvenate your mind, but also relieve you of pain, as people all around have said and believed.


The Parvati river flows between flattery and admiration and reaches this small yet exciting village of Chalal after thirty minutes’ journey. The panoramic view of the village, whose culture and beauty still retains, is very much enjoyed and occupied by visitors. Relax with a shade of Indian and Israelite spices the colours of the shifting sky and cosy food that catered for with love in the coffees. For the parties organised during the whole year, Chalal is also known. Dance until the last beat at these events, where the djs from all over the world come together to curate music that blows your mind. Here in April and May, enjoy the cool evenings and trance-filled nights.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

You don’t have to be able to walk through this challenge, only bravery will help! Choose yourself as the place did, while the second route to Spiti Valley has been discovered. The Parvati Pass Trek is a hard but stirring experience from cliffs, insane climbs and relentless peaks, which begins with the Parvati Valley, and is the favourite hiking route in Himachal Pradesh. And you see this dark fear of heights fading away as you complete the trek at the supreme altitude of 5319 m above sea level. The journey takes 12 days and it takes from the moon months of July to September that is the perfect time to face up to this challenge. Make sure you get ready well ahead and your health condition is appropriate for the walk.


Malana is a prehistoric village in the state of Pradesh of Himachal and, of course, controversial cannabis. The surroundings are calm and quiet. It is not so available because the Malana people want to see themselves as a top race (descendant of Alexander the Great). But you will definitely be drawn when your friends talk about the location. The people living in Malaná live a straightforward and exceptional life in Kanashi, a language distinct from what is commonly spoken, mostly in the second week of February and Malan Shaun, on 15 August, celebrate their own Malan festivals, like Malana Fulgi.


Love to explore and test new heights? Then the Tosh trek will be in your checklist already. On the way to the Pin Parvati Pass at a height of 2400 ft, the site will allow you to explore the environment and pave a way from Kasol to Tosh and back. Do what your mind decides on you, before you enter the beautiful rocky landscape and enjoy the light from your camp. Recently, Tosh has been turned into a hub for people from the East and the West, of course!

There are a variety of places in Kasol in the vicinity, so you can easily take in the toothpaste of Maggi and tea in the others, and besides there are plenty of cafés that sell various cuisines. There is no shortage of cafes. It is from April to October that Tosh will be best visited. You would certainly be able to determine between November and February if you want to make a snowman.