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Top Present Wrapping Options For Birthdays

printed carrier bags

While everyone likes to receive gifts on occasions, how you give them can also make a big difference. We are speaking about their presentation or the way they are packed or wrapped. The more beautifully you wrap a gift, it becomes more intriguing for the receiver, as they keep wondering what could be inside. 

Do you have limited time with you in your hand and cannot buy wrapping papers on such short notice? Or, do you want to wrap the gift in an innovative manner? There are various options ranging from printed carrier bags to threaded pom-poms and using lace. Let us check out some of them in this article.

 Use household staples

It is one of the fastest and easiest gift wrapping ideas for you. For instance, you may use your old albeit clean pillow cover or even a brown paper bag to wrap the gift. It will be a pleasant surprise to see how even a fancy ribbon, paint pen, or  stamp can give a new life to your gifts. 

Use lace

You can make your present look special by using lace and beautiful jewel-toned paper. Give a final touch to your innovative wrapping by using a satin ribbon and delight your dear ones. 

Use imitation flowers

It is possible that you do not have sufficient wrapping papers with you at home. However, do not despair as it is possible to make your gift look stunning by using a gift box instead. Use a faux flower on the top of the box to give a finishing touch to your wrapping. 

Use money balloons

Do you plan to give some cash to your loved ones? If the answer is yes, you may be wondering how to give that cash. You have an old envelope at home but may not wish to use it. How about rolling the money instead and putting them inside a balloon. It will look innovative and different at the same time. 

Printed bags 

These bags are a great option today to put your gifts and give them away. Their popularity has been growing by leaps and bounds and many prefer them for the convenience offered by them.

Use hand-lettered paper 

Are you proud of your handwriting and want to utilize it while wrapping your gifts? Here is a great way to do so. To start with, contemporary calligraphy looks amazing particularly, on kraft paper. Try this for wrapping your gifts and see the difference. 

Irrespective of to whom you are giving a gift or what the occasion is, there are so many innovative ways to wrap them. Doing things differently always pleases your dear ones and the same is applicable for wrapping your gifts in an innovative way.