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Qualities to Look for In the Best Car Mechanic

Car Mechanic Melbourne
Car Mechanic Melbourne

The job of a car mechanic isn’t just to use his ranges or screws and fix the problem in your car. The job of a car mechanic is also to understand what the problem with the car is, provide the best diagnosis, and then fix the problems using his best skills just like another working individual. In fact, car mechanics are just like the doctors to the cars, and that’s why the choosing process is so troublesome.

When you are looking for the best car mechanic, you need to judge them based on some of their qualities. Here we have discussed those qualities which must be there in a reliable car mechanic who knows how to treat your car and solve the issue.

Excellent Customer Servicing Skills

The car mechanic must be an expert in dealing with different types of customers. Customer service skills are very important because you won’t be visiting the same mechanic again if he did some damage to your car. While choosing the best car mechanic, you should check how they treat their customers, how quickly they respond to any queries, and how truthful they are. They should listen to your issues with patience and do their best to solve it in the best possible manner.

Expert Problem-Solving Skills

The best car mechanic must be aware of problems that usually come up with different car brands and models. They should have excellent skills in solving any issue with any type of car, be it on the interior or on the exterior. The mechanic should also be aware of providing the best and the most reliable solution to any problem in your automobile. Many expert car mechanics can quickly identify the problem with your car just by hearing the sounds that it is making or just by going on a short drive in it round the block.

Flexible and Good in Communication

Just like other service providers, the car mechanic must be flexible with your car type, the problem in your car, and with the way you want the car to be fixed. Flexibility eases the confusions in your minds about the quality of the mechanic. Also, the person should be good in communication, explaining the problems in easy language and giving you the needed suggestions. They should not force you to go for a repair that you don’t require. They should give you the suggestions and leave the decision on you.

Car Mechanic Melbourne
Car Mechanic Melbourne


While choosing the best car mechanic, you must look for the certifications to ensure he is knowledgeable about car parts and other technological factors. Most of the experienced and proficient mechanics will show their certifications to ease your dilemma. Some may even display them in their garage to show off their qualifications. Furthermore, this also establishes trust in your part. Also, look for the specialisation certificate to know whether the mechanic is specialised in repairing your car model or not.

In-Depth Knowledge About Automobiles and Related Technology

One of the most important qualities of the best car mechanic is their in-depth knowledge about different parts of cars, the related issues, and how to fix them. They should know how to use different auto tools, owing to the fact that each tool type has multiple variants depending upon the application.

Abided by The Work Ethics

As per the norms of the job, a car mechanic must follow the work ethics. If they are disgusted with the stickiness of the grease or the burning smell of the engine, then they aren’t the trustworthy ones. The best car mechanic should put aside his own comfort level first, because being one, he needs to get under the car and handle the greased engine parts.

Car Mechanic Melbourne
Car Mechanic Melbourne

Familiar with The Changing Auto Technology

Another important feature of the best mechanic is that they should be aware of the changing technologies and how they are affecting the various parameters of the cars. For example, Mercedes has incorporated augmented reality in their cars, and if you own one, your mechanic should be aware of it.


One cannot get all the features in a single auto mechanic, but more the qualities, better the mechanic and more trustworthy he is. And most importantly a mechanic should be aware of the latest technology, the related problems, and the ways to fix them.