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How To Find A Reliable Car Mechanic


Before finding a mechanic for your car, you need to know the difference between maintenance and repair. Not many understand the difference and do not know what to do about it. Maintenance is done in specified time intervals depending upon the brand or type of car you opt for. This is to make sure that your vehicle is performing in top operating conditions. In comparison, repairs do not have a planned schedule. Your car is a precious investment; make sure that you only trust a credible and qualified car mechanic. You get your car repaired when it runs into a problem unexpectedly.

Even though the car dealership usually does maintenance, you still choose to go outside and look for independent auto-repair or franchise, which will help you with the care. This will not affect your warranty provided by your car dealership. Yes, going to your dealership has many pros since the mechanics there are specifically trained for every car’s model. Plus, the shop will have all the equipment required for every failure and breakdown.

Many a time people prefer going to an independent dealership for maintenance and repairs because it gives them high satisfaction and is less expensive. It is better to go to your original car dealership. Once you are out of contract and want to take your car to an independent dealership, you have to know where to take your vehicle according to the kind of repair that needs to be done. If you plan to take your car, make sure they are technically strong in what they do and know how to fix necessary complicated problems.

Tips to Find A Good Car Mechanic

Finding a reliable and compatible mechanic with you and your car is not difficult; however, you need to do a little old-fashioned research and digging to land the right one. Someone you can go to every time your car runs into a problem. Here are a few tips that will help you find the right mechanic for your vehicle.

  • Knows about the brand – Find a car mechanic who specialises in your car’s brand. Many garages specialise in a specific brand of vehicles and have up-to-date information regarding the same.
  • Seek recommendations – Ask around and seek recommendations from your friends, family, and acquaintances, especially when they have a vehicle similar to yours.
  • Research – Search the internet for the best car mechanics around you. Find whether they are well suited for your car. Also, know if they have enough experience and good customer reviews.
  • Certification – Make sure your car mechanic is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Certificates are the only way to know if a company is legit.
  • Visit the shop – To get to know the shop even better; it is good to try it out for smaller repairs to understand its functions. Do not at once go for significant repairs before you trust the repair shop and the car mechanic.
  • Warranty of service – Ask about all the types of warranties provided by the shop. Since different shops have different warranty policies, it is better to ask about them way in advance.
  • Convenience should be a key factor – Make sure the shop is within your reach, affordable, provides instant service does not have long waiting periods, has transportation services to pick and drop off your vehicle.

These are some of the key parameters that you must take into account when choosing a car mechanic. A good and reputable shop will fix most of the primary and common repairs in no time at affordable rates. For more detailed maintenance, search for shops that have a specialisation in your car’s brand. This way, they’ll have proper training, up-to-date information, and equipment compatible with your vehicle.

Choosing the right car repair shop for you is not a hard job. But it does require a fair amount of time-investing and research. Once you have landed yourself a good mechanic, it’s for life.