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Places to Visit for Halal Family Holidays

We often wish to spend our holidays in a peaceful but stunning place however because of lack of availability and funds unable to do so.

We often wish to spend our holidays in a peaceful but stunning place however because of lack of availability and funds unable to do so.

Life gives chances to everyone to live your life on your term and condition. Why now not take out time to yourself and cast off lifetime regrets.

Vacationing is the best part of everyone s life. We regularly do not get enough time to spend with our families because of tough/ busy work/ school/college routine. Why not take out time to avail Halal Family holidays for vacation.

Family is the number one priority and we can do anything for our families. We do everything for fulfilling their need and their well-being. So, choose the right destinations to enhance your children’s ideas.

In this article you will read about, What are the places that you can visit for an informative point of view of your children, suitable for Muslim values as well as fun and adventure.


This area is wealthy with the records of the Ottoman Empire and fantastic landscape of Mediterranean coastline and large mountains. Here are some exciting places that you should visit when you travel to turkey.

Places that You Should Visit in Turkey

  • Istanbul is a wonder in architecture and history. This city has a unique mosque with a blue-colored interior and exterior that grabs the tourist’s attention. Another most exciting thing is the heritage of the Ottoman Empire called Topkapi Palace, The house of the Ottoman Empire.
  • It does not need to mention the popularity of this heavenly beautiful place. The unbelievable beautiful rocks and the view from the hot air balloon are just so mesmerizing. This flight can be taken off only near sunrise time.
  • Konya is one of the most beautiful places to visit turkey. And, a muslim poet Jalaluddin Rumi was buried in konya. Rumi’s popularity included Sufism/ poetry and a specific Sufi dance of turkey.


It is a Muslim state and around 88 percent of its population is Muslim. It is known as its Island. It has around seventeen thousand Islands. It is one of the best destinations for Halal family holidays From exotic cuisine to luxury hotels you can get everything at cheap prices. In customized holiday packages, you can get a private villa, private swimming pool, and beautiful Islands of Indonesia at the most affordable rates.

Places You should visit in Indonesia:

Some places should be on your must-visit list when you travel to Indonesia.

  • Bali is the most popular tourist spot in Indonesia. The beauty of Indonesia is as beautiful as paradise. It has luxurious hotels with perfect romantic destinations, shopping malls, and an amazing place for surfing.
  • Sumatra is a large piece of land. The main attraction of Sumatra is its largest volcanic lake called Lake Toba. You can experience the adventurous spot, trekking, swimming in the lake, and their ancient culture.
  • Java is the maximum populous city and riched with cultural values. The principal enchantment of this place is Gunung Bromo. Travelers freeze on the top of this volcano to look at the dawn only.



When we first thought about Dubai, the pictures that come to mind are the Massive shopping malls, funfilled beaches, and luxurious hotels but it is a lot more than that. One of the most expensive states with uncountable tourist places. Dubai is a wonderful place because of its architecture and they developed it for tourism as well. There are many sparkling attractions for tourists. Some of them are under;

Places that you should in Dubai:


  • Atlantis The Palm, The most luxurious hotel on palm Jumeirah beach. One of the best places for fine dining and can get the world-famous brunch on Saturday at white beach. Also, you can experience the Dubai Aquaventure water park, the leap of faith with family and friends, and take slides with dolphins. You can also visit the giant decked-out Lost Chambers aquarium, which would be the best place for yoga and meditation.


  • Dubai Fountain is one of the popular attractions for tourists. The mesmerizing dance of the water fountain is enough to blow your mind. It plays for 30 minutes filled with classical and amazing pop songs.


  • Burj Al-Khalifa: It is the tallest building in the world which is 828 meters tall and has 160 floors. Tourists love to see the land from the sky literary. Also, there is the world’s highest restaurant located on the 148th floor of Burj al-Khalifa. Enough to experience once in a lifetime.


The Maldives is known because of its known miraculous landscapes and beaches. Apart from beaches, there are a lot more things to experience. Liking diving/ swimming with dolphins /sharks or taking part in planting coral reefs in the reef nursery.

Places that you Should Visit in the Maldives


  • Thulusdho beach beauty is filled with miraculous white sandy beach, turquoise water tides and, seashores. It also provides a mixture of coral breaks and exciting physical exercises like jumping, kayaking, plunging, etc.
  • Dhigu Island: If you are looking for peace then this place must be at your top of the list. A quiet and peaceful spot to embrace all the positivity with cold breeze, White crystal sandy beach and blue tides. The luxurious resorts and Spa on Dhigu Island are perfect to experience heaven on earth.
  • Alimatha Island: This place is situated on the eastern side of the Maldives. This place is comprised of wild greeny vegetation along with a white seashore. It is facilitated with all the luxuries and It is one of the hot spots of tourist.

The main purpose of family vacation is to take a rest from tough routines, spend time with your family and explore the wonderful treasures of the world. So, avail all the opportunities you get and enjoy your time with your loved ones.