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Wooden glasses: A step towards sustainable fashion


Picking up the right pair of glasses is easy as well as difficult nowadays. With so many frame styles in different colours and sizes, finding the frame that best compliments your face shape and skin tone is a challenging decision.

Moreover, the trends are changing every year. So you have one more thing to keep in mind when hunting for the perfect frame.

While you can find online guides to get the right glasses for your face shape, we are here to tell you about the latest eyewear trends in 2021.  And one such style that has caught our attention and many others out there are wooden glasses.

Brought into the limelight in 2015, wooden glasses aren’t a new thing. However, after proving their practicality and getting approval from celebrities, these glasses have finally taken to the streets.

Their elegant yet glamorous appeal has already captivated the attention of stars like Will Smith and Beyonce. Wooden glasses are slowly becoming the trend that delights everyone.

Why switch to wooden frame glasses?

If you’ve had enough of your regular metal or acetate glasses, wooden frames can be a refreshing switch. And everybody else is trying it. There is no point why you wouldn’t want to try the hottest trend right now.

Here are the benefits of choosing wooden glasses as your next spectacle frame.

They flatter everyone

Wooden glasses are just like any other material of glasses but better. Whether you are looking for a chic style or a steampunk look, these glasses are the absolute best.

They have a natural appeal that anybody can pull off. Also, they are perfect to complete all your looks from preppy to corporate.

They are unique

If you don’t want to get lost in the crowd, women’s or men’s glasses with wooden frames are perfect for you. Even when they are made from the same pieces of wood, no two pairs are identical. Isn’t it good to have an accessory that no one else has?

To flaunt your unique sense of styling, these glasses are customisable. If you are artistic or creative, you can buy a basic wooden frame and decorate it the way you want. That’ll be your very own piece of art.

They are strong and durable

If you think that metal or acetate frames are stronger than wood, you are just a victim of a myth. These frames are more than just a piece of wood crafted to a certain shape. With the bleach coating, these glasses don’t change colour like metal or acetate frames after wear and tear.

Also, the quality of these glasses won’t degrade with time. And when you buy from a reputable brand, you will get high-quality wooden frames with superior strength and durability. If you want cheap glasses in the UK that are also durable and trendy, definitely check out wooden glasses.

They are environment-friendly

By choosing wooden frame glasses, you are making a conscious choice of helping the environment. We know that metal and titanium frames are also biodegradable but nothing is more reusable or ecological than wood.

Also, the amount of energy and fuel used to bend the metal or titanium to a certain shape is a lot more than what wooden frames need. So, there will be a lot less industrial waste, less pollution and happy nature.

They are skin-friendly

Wooden frames do not contain harmful substances that generally reach your skin and cause skin problems. If you have sensitive skin, there isn’t a safe choice than wooden glasses.

Also, they won’t heat up like your regular metal glasses in hot summers. Wood is a naturally hypoallergenic material and a healthier alternative to metal or plastic frames.

Wide range of styles

The benefits of choosing wooden frame glasses are endless. But one of the most prominent benefits is the wide variety of styles that these glasses are available in.

Wood has its own texture, colour and pattern. It gives a designer appeal to your glasses and you get a one-of-a-kind pair. Wood is one of those materials that can stand the test of time without losing quality.

They are sustainably fashionable

Wood is a beautiful natural material that adds elegance and flair to your look. With their pleasing aesthetics and neutral palettes, wooden glasses are everything that the fashion trends for 2021 are all about – simple, unique and elegant.

Wooden frames make for a perfect pair of prescription glasses, fashion frames or blue light glasses. Whether you get oak or bamboo, you know your glasses are going to win you compliments. Every piece of wood is unique and every pair of wooden glasses is exclusive.