Home Education Why Study certificate III in child care for better Career Opportunities?

Why Study certificate III in child care for better Career Opportunities?

Why Study certificate III in child care for better Career Opportunities?

Do you have an instinctive fondness for spending time with kids? If you wish to bring real difference to the lives of these young kids, then studying a remunerative childcare course from Perth must be your choice. In this regard, certificate iii in child care is undoubtedly the best course to complete. After you successfully complete this course, you can expect to attain the most gratifying childcare career in Australia. So, why studying certificate III in the child care course when so many other childcare courses are there? Below is a checklist of the potential reasons behind the same.

  1. Gain crucial skills and knowledge
  • As already said that the certificate III in child care is an immensely lucrative childcare course for you. The most compelling reason for studying this course is the development of crucial skills and knowledge in you. After you finish studying this course, you can expect to learn the following skills and knowledge from your pertinent trainer or mentor.
  • You will gain the skills to encourage kids to become confident through effective learning
  • Attain skills about supporting kids ailing from certain behavioral conditions
  • You will learn to ensure comprehensive safety, health, and well-being amongst all the kids out there.
  • Learn the knowledge and skills to work with a good deal of proximity with individuals of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures. These primarily include communities, children, and their families.
  • While studying this course, you will also master the skills to develop sustainable and creative academic programs. As a result, you will learn to remain a part of a comprehensive team and work and execute these educational programs for the kids in an effective manner.
  • While studying this course, you will also learn that how to comply with the essential Industrial and legal requirements, procedures, and policies effectively. In response to it, you can expect to operate a childcare center in a successful manner.

After you complete this course successfully, you can expect to undergo a supervised placement training program. Successful completion of this training program will let you optimize the said skills and knowledge in an effective manner. The best part is you will be able to do so within a real-time childcare set up in Australia.

2. Ocean of job opportunities

As soon as you complete Certificate III in child care course, you will become eligible for a wide range of job opportunities. Currently, it is regarded as one of the top child care courses in Perth paving your career pathway for an ocean of suitable job roles. Some of the job roles you can expect to preside over post the completion of the certificate III in childcare course can be considered below.

  • Educator/Nanny: As an Educator or Nanny you are supposed to look after all the domestic and childcare requirements effectively. You need to complete these tasks at an exclusive level for children up to four years conventionally in their homes.
  • Family daycare educators: A family daycare educator is chiefly responsible for providing premium home-oriented childcare services. You will have to take care of children within a small group in their home itself.
  • Childcare worker: A childcare worker needs to look after children who attend a child care center on a daily basis. You will have to feed the kids regularly followed by reading to them, managing to play-oriented activities to enable them to learn the essential cognitive skills, etc.
  • Childcare center manager: The main duty of a childcare center manager is to oversee the regular tasks which take place within a childcare center. Aside, you will also be responsible for coordinating a team of early childhood educators who are working at your childcare center. As a childcare center manager, you will also master the skills to ascertain the cumulative progress of your childcare center in the long run. The bottom-line is through the post of a childcare center manager, you can manage two job roles simultaneously.

So, do you also aspire to take over any of the job roles in the childcare sector of Australia given above? If yes, then complete the course of certificate III in the childcare program to turn your dream into a whole new reality.

3. Easy Admission requirements

The eligibility criteria for the cert 3 childcare course are not many. These include the following:

  • Completion of a qualification which is equivalent to the Year 10 of Australia
  • Make sure that you have qualified in an IELTS (Academic) test successfully. This particular test requires you to obtain the desired score of six-point zero. Aside, you also need to score 6.0 in each of the four components of English i.e. reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • In case you have opted for a government-funded course, then you need to obtain approval from the right authority. According to this criterion, you need to obtain approval of funding from the Department of Training and Workforce Development.
  • A sound understanding of numeracy and literacy is also required and
  • You should attach the right documents along with a correctly filled-out application form for certificate III in the childcare course.
  • Aside from these requirements, you also need to be a citizen of Australia and should have completed your schooling properly. Make sure your main place of residence is in any eligible region of Australia. So, as you can see that the eligibility criteria to enroll for this course are not difficult at all. Instead, any eligible learner can meet these requirements in a hassle-free manner.

3. A rewarding career

As you already know that completion of certificate III in child care course in Australia makes you eligible for each of the job roles stated above. If you wish, you can switch from one job role to another and gain more essential skills and knowledge. In short, completion of the certificate III in childcare course takes your childcare career to new heights


So, enroll for the Certificate III in childcare course today! It is one of the most in-demand Childcare courses Perth which you should definitely study for each of the substantial reasons given above.