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Twisted Hemp wrap

Twisted wrap hemp
Twisted wrap hemp

This is a fantastic alternative to a conventional tobacco wrap for those who wish to try something new. These wraps made entirely of organic hemp. Give these a try if you like blunts but want to avoid the nicotine in conventional wraps. Following are some flavors of twisted hemp

  • Grape Burst
  • Endless Summer
  • California Dream
  • Plain Jane
  • Sweet
  • Tropical Breeze
  • Blue Banana
  • Blue Raspberry Cherry
  • Tropical Breeze

Top of Form

Rolling Wraps with a Twisted Hemp Flavor:

When you use these Twisted Hemp Flavored Rolling Wraps, you can roll up with faith. Each wrap is making entirely of natural leaf that is free of nicotine or tobacco. With the gradual burn of a natural wrap, you can really make the apparatus last. To make your smoking experience ever more pleasurable, choose your favorite type. With these pure Twisted Hemp Wrap, you can take your apparatus to the next level!

 Regardless of your preferences, there is certain to be at least one spice that will entice your taste buds.  Don’t worry if exotic isn’t your thing. The Blue Banana, Blue Raspberry Cherry, Grape Burst, Sweet, Just Hemp, and Plain Jane are among the fun and easy flavors available. Twisted Hemp Wraps’ creators have made it easier for all to find a favorite with such a wide range of options.

Then, if you’re tired of the plain old wraps you’ve been wearing, make sure to check out Buy Pipe Tobacco’s entire range of Twisted Hemp Wraps. We are optimistic that you will not only find a taste you will enjoy,

 Enjoyable and chemical-free:

Though rolling your own cigarettes is enjoyable, you can grow tired of the typical tobacco-filled, tobacco-flavored wraps. Why not consider rolling a blunt out of one of our many exclusive and tasty all-natural wraps? Twisted Hemp Wraps are making entirely of hemp fiber from Canada. These incredible wraps are constructed from unbleached, chemical-free hemp fibers that are organic and eco-friendly. Despite the fact that they come in a range of flavors, they’re tobacco-free and nicotine-free, meaning you can enjoy your filling the way it was meant to be enjoyed: fresh and pure.

  • Blue Raspberry, California Dreams, Grape Burst, and Plain Jane are only a few of the varieties used in Twisted Hemp Wraps. They’re fragrant and soft, but not too fruity. These wraps designed to be the safest, and they come in resealable pouches so you don’t have to think about tears because they absorb moisture!


  • Twisted Hemp Vanilla Smooth Wraps are a decadent spin on the next cigarette. These wraps are made from some of the best organic hemp and are then drenched in a blanket of smooth vanilla for a flavor, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Even better, each box of Twisted Hemp Wraps includes four wraps and can be resealed to keep them fresh. Place your order for Twisted Hemp Vanilla Smooth Wraps right away if you want to go all out!

Packaging of twisted hemp wrap:

Twisted Hemp Wraps are available in regular packaging. Twisted wraps come in a resealable pouch, much as most other hemp wraps. The graphics are simple to comprehend.

About its Flavors:

The wrap tasted similar to strawberry shortcake to us. Not overpowering. We figured the wrap went perfectly with our strain when we smoked it.

 The aroma of wraps (twisted hemp wrap):

It has a strong sweet scent with a hint of cigarette smoke (though it does not contain tobacco). We’re not exactly why these smell-like cigarettes. Maybe they’re made in a factory that also processes tobacco.

The freshness of wraps (twisted hemp wrap):

There are no traces of crumbling or weeping in the wrap as you open the package. The wrap has a small amount of moisture. The wrap is flexible enough to fold and bend without cracking.

Burn Quality of these wraps:

Overall, these hemp wraps burn well. They do run a little in the middle, but it may be due to the fact that the wrap dries out faster in some places while retaining moisture in others.

Value of wraps (twisted hemp wraps):

These are the best wraps on the market currently, with a price of $0.25 per wrap.