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Tips To Choose The Insole For Metatarsalgia The Right Way

metatarsalgia insoles
metatarsalgia insoles

Since your foot handles the entire body weight, it’s quite natural that this particular part of the human body will suffer the maximum. Many people complain about aching heels or balls of the feet after walking for a long time or doing heavy exercises. Out of the several problems one can face, the annoying metatarsalgiathat gives unbearable pain at times. The front portion of the sole, right below the toes, is the most sensitive part. And the condition in which it swells up and aches a lot is known as metatarsalgia.

Even though many methods of treating this problem, most doctors usually suggest using an insole for metatarsalgia as it is the most effective solution. The insoles will reduce the swelling and pain and cure the feet condition at the same time. However, for people with no idea about the insoles, choosing the right one can be cumbersome.

A wrong insole will not only create discomfort but also will cause a waste of money. This is why we have discussed some of how you can get the correct insole support for treating the swollen ball portion of the feet and treat the clinical condition you are suffering from.

Insole Volume 

The first thing you need to consider about the insole for metatarsalgia is the insole volume. Based on the arches of your feet and the pressure points, you should measure the insole thicknessand based on that, you can buy the insole.

Insole Lifespan

Insoles are costly, so when you choose one, just make sure you are buying one that can last longer. This will help you to avoid unnecessary and untimely expenses. If you regularly use the console for metatarsalgia, it will be best to get a thick one since they last longer. A thinner insole is ideal for special or rare occasional use.

Insole Material

When you choose an insole for metatarsalgia, you will be given several options in terms of the material. Based on the level of comfort you are looking for and the activities you do on a daily basis, you need to choose the material wisely. For example, air-cushioned insole is the softest but not perfect for those working heavy-duty activities or walking for a long time. If you want rigid support, the foam insole is the best.

Insole Cost

Another feature that is very important to consider while looking for the perfect insole for metatarsalgia is the cost. To be very honest, the insoles are not cheap. They are costly, so you need to plan accordingly so that the actual cost doesn’t cross your budget. For this reason, you have to choose a shop that will offer you a standard manufacturing price for the support.

metatarsalgia insoles
metatarsalgia insoles

Apart from this, you can also submit a quote request filling in all the necessary details like the size of your feet, the type of insole you are looking for, the volume, and other such essential factors. With a quoted price, you will know how much exactly the insole will cost and hence, you won’t have any problem in budgeting.

Insole Customization

If you want to feel the ultimate comfort, the best way to choose the insole for metatarsalgia is to look for customization. A customized insole will fit around your foot snugly, and there will be no point of discomfort. Moreover, a customized insole will be of your size, and you can even prepare the support according to the type of shoe you would like to wear almost regularly.


Usually, insoles are available in two forms- orthopedic and standard. If you suffer from mild metatarsalgia, choosing the normal one will be more effective since they are readily available and cheaper. On the other hand, orthotic insoles are best for the ultimate comfort and treatment. Along with other facts we have discussed, keep this point also in mind, and make sure to get the perfect insole for metatarsalgia and get rid of your aching feet balls in no time.