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Tips to Buy the Right Prescription Glasses to Enjoy the Benefits

Prescription Glasses

Ideally, there are three significant benefits of wearing the prescription glasses. These glasses not only protect your eyes and correct your vision but can also be your fashion accessory, thanks to the modern designs. Today, you will come across several frames from fashion brands that you can use as per your prescription glasses as well. The benefits include:

  • It will protect your eyes from dust particles and microorganisms entering, unlike the contact lenses. You can also have glasses with UV protection, if you wish. Therefore, you will have your eyes protected all through the year, whether it is summer or rainy season, or cold winter months.
  • You can even customize your lenses and choose different darkness and colors to make your glasses look more stylish.
Prescription Glasses

Therefore, invest on prescription glasses because it is the health of your eye that matters most. Eyes are especially very vulnerable to the sun and other external elements. If it is left unprotected or improperly protected it can lead to issues such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and photokeratitis. When you choose one, just make sure that you pick your frames that suit your face, style, and personality. Also, comfort to your eyes is an important factor to consider.

Buying Frames Offline or Online

When it comes to buying frames for your prescription glasses you can buy it either from an online store or from any physical store in your locality. However, both has some advantages that you should consider before taking a specific route.

The advantages of buying your frames offline include:

  • You will get professional help from an experienced optician to know whether or not the frame suits your prescription or sits perfectly on your nose.
  • You will get all types of frames of your choice and even for complicated and high power prescription. An online store will have limited Rx range.

On the other hand, the significant advantages of buying your frames from an online store includes:

  • You will get frames at almost 70% less than retail price. This is because they design and manufacture the frames in their inhouse labs before customizing them to your prescription. Therefore, there are no middlemen to increase the total cost.
  • Convenience in shopping from the comfort of your home, wider range of frames to choose from and getting it delivered at your doorstep are other factors.

No matter whichever store you choose for your prescription glasses, make sure that you shop around a bit and compare the prices so that you are not ripped off.

Guidelines to shop

Pupillary Distance or the space between two eyes and your prescription are two things that you need to know. Do not shop for your glasses with a prescription that has expired. Get your eyes checked again before you start shopping.

When you visit a retailer, offline or online, choose a frame according to the shape of your face so that it works well. There are different types of faces such as:

  • Heart shaped
  • Angular and
  • Round.

Choose a frame that fits your style and shape of face. For example, ovular frames work well for round faces and round frames with softer edges work well for angular faces. Consider the color and pattern as well to find the best frame.

Next, look at the lenses of your prescription glasses. Remember, all lenses are not made the same.

  • Some may come with an additional anti-scratch coating
  • Some may change from clear to darker when exposed to sunlight and
  • Some may block blue light protecting your eyes from the glares of your computer screen.

To choose the right frames and lenses for your prescription glasses, these are the few specific steps described that you should follow for the best benefits.