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The Ultimate Guide to Film Making Courses

Film Making
Film Making

Do you love watching films? Are you passionate about filmmaking? Or do you aspire to become a filmmaker or become a part of the process of filmmaking?

If yes, then this article is for you.

This article is a guide for you that gives you a glimpse of the cinema that is made today and exactly what are the things that you should look for in your film-making course to become relevant and coming-of-age filmmaker.

There are several film-making schools in India but not all of them have a curriculum that is updated and brings out the best of you. So when you choose among the film making courses in India, make sure you look for the following features in it –

  1. The industry now needs method filmmakers. You must and should choose a film making course in India that aims to create method filmmakers. Method education also allows you to diversify into many other areas. And that opens multiple arenas for you.
  2. The film-making course should be comprehensive, scientific and job-oriented. It should make you think scientifically, learn to create comprehensively and lead you to good production houses for your first film.
  3. It should be a project-based course. Gone are the days when the theoretical approaches used to work. In today’s time, practical experience is of utmost importance. Every industry demands that students have a basic prior knowledge of the work they are hired for so that the training costs can be curbed.
  4. The projects also should be ‘real-time projects’. That actually prepares students in the best possible manner for the cutthroat industry.
  5. The curriculum should be about cinema that is relevant today along with the vivid knowledge about the cinema of the past era.
  6. The students should get detailed knowledge about curated cinema.
  7. The institute you are choosing should have a great infrastructure for film making. A film-making course also consists of an editing courses, sound recording courses, cinematography courses, screenwriting etc. So a studio for shooting, sound recording and editing are a must to give students the practical knowledge and hands-on training of film making. High-end digital cameras are also a must.
  8. Needless to say, that good and experienced faculty is also needed for the course who can teach and also inspire the students.
  9. Students must get opportunities to do internships and earn certificates for their work done during the course of their education.
  10. Last but not the least, the curriculum should focus on practice. A practice-based course always leads you to earn efficiency.

So if you are an aspiring editor, cinematographer, screenwriter, director, DOP and are willing to enroll into a film making course, make sure you look for the above features in your course. These are essential features that will give you great knowledge, experience and confidence as a filmmaker.