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Spring 2021 Fashion Trends


We have started seeing the chillness in the wind calm a bit. This means that fashion designers have started rolling out fashion lines one after the other. The new trends are in the market and they are set to make your eyes pop out.

You want to pay extra attention if you are studying in a fashion designing college in Kolkata, the trends are ought to be a part of the curriculum.

Fashion of Hemlines and Showing Legs

As the temperature soars up, so does the fashion of showing legs and miniskirts. The winter forces us to be covered from head to toe (quite literally). As the weather keeps shifting towards the hotter side, fashion lines start coming up with dresses, one piece, mini shorts and etc.

A recent example would be the new collection by Only which started focusing on comfortable wear quite early with their Beatles shorts and dress line.

Monochrome Outfits

Recently a lot of fashion shows are seen to have monochrome lines in their Spring collections. Although Spring is the season of colors and bright hues, the fashion world has started seeing a burst of colors all of a sudden.

These monochrome outfits are going to rule the trend setting columns. Even the cover of Vogue Magazine for February was people wearing a monochrome set.

Comfort over Anything else

We do not know how much those red carpet looks are changing but surely the quotient of comfort over anything else has taken a great place into the fashion statements of other people.

The influence of WFH over the last year has definitely impacted fashion and its impact as well.

Wide-length pants allowed for bold strokes; floaty, translucent skirts offered simple glamour; and feminine sets dished with a hint of sportswear looked fittingly modern, prim-plated skirts with hoodies, as seen in Levi’s, cocktail dresses with scarves, as seen in H&M, and skinny jeans with polo shirts, as seen in Zara.

Psychedelic Prints are BACK!

Pulsating, Forever 21’s psychedelic designs, Mango’s textural stripes, and Only’s art deco graphics all make for a lively and cheerful spring closet that doesn’t need a little lightheartedness around now? Help the design work for you by mixing small and large designs in the same ensemble while trimming down the jewelry. Let your clothes make the statement!

Sustainability is in Trend

Then there was a revived spirit of perseverance: a lot of designers chose to use dead stock textures and clever mishmash to bring a mirror to 2020 culture, challenging its rampant consumerism ways. And for those looking for a more simple styling approach, it was monochrome.

Adding X-factor to Ordinary Sets

If you’re one of the millions hunting for a promised attitude booster. There will always be ruffles – and creators have been determined to dress up locked buyers in looks that will make the nightclub living room feel festive. Right, you’re asking about video calls and sending messages.

You want to go outside in those glamorous woven Manish Malhotra skirts, tossing those tasty chain-strung retro pouches out of the Tommy catwalk and heading down the block in those gorgeous jewels. The day is coming when you can wear a stunning cape-detailed dress and not feel like an extra in a production.


We can be certain about one thing that since the Prime Minister’s drive for ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ has started, we can see a lot of local brands receiving good business. These businesses have started receiving a lot of business.

Handcrafted garment websites like baariqi, vedaka and etc are on the pinnacle with their collaborations with influencers and widespread reach as well.

We hope that this helped you learn more about the growing fashion trends in this country.

Good Luck and stay creative!