Home Business Replacing Your Old Floors: 7 Factors to Consider

Replacing Your Old Floors: 7 Factors to Consider

Replacing Your Old Floors: 7 Factors to Consider


For any home or office decorations,deciding which type of flooring to go with is usually hectic. Your floor has a direct impact on how your home feels like.Is it warm or cold? Is it peaceful or busy? (depending on patterns used).

7 Factors to Consider

Flooring a home, office, or any property is not cheap. It is, therefore, very important to plan beforehand. It can involve determining your flooring needs, setting up a budget, researching the available flooring options and suppliers in the market, the overall costs, and most importantly, the merits and demerits of different flooring options.

Types of flooring 

Listed below are various flooring options to consider,

Carpet Flooring

Carpeting is considered one of the most preferred flooring options in most homes. Popularly used in the living room, bedroom area, and hallway to keep the house warm and cozy. Various materials can be used to make carpets, including wool, acrylic,nylon, or polyester,

Tiles Flooring 

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are versatile. They come in different designs,colors,patterns, and textures.Similarly, tiles tend to be cold and slippery when wet, thus suitable for bathroom and washing areas to avoid falls and accidents. When choosing tiles flooring, you must have it professionally installed to prevent cracks or uneven finishing’s that may cause cuts when walking barefoot.

Cork Flooring

As the name suggests, this flooring material is made from the bark of a tree which is made into sheets coated with resin and placed in a furnace for finishing, making it very durable. Cork flooring can easily be damaged by moisture, scratches thus suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchen areas. Do not use cork flooring in the bathroom.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring involves the use of recycled rubber tires for your flooring needs.The elasticity of rubber has made rubber flooring a popular choice for playrooms and gymnasium flooring. Similarly, its water-resistance quality also makes it suitable for washroom flooring. Besides, rubber is also resistant to pressure. Therefore, this type of flooring is also ideal in areas where people frequently pass through.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has gained much popularity recently. This flooring option is versatile and can easily blend in with any interior decor. When professionally installed, hardwood flooring can last up to years, saving you costs on having it redone. The timber or engineered wood used in hardwood flooring can easily be damaged by moisture,making itunsuitable for bathroom or washing areas.Similarly, you should avoid applying excessive pressure or scratches on your wood floor. Due to its aesthetic appeal, wood flooring is commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, or the hallway.

Bamboo Flooring

Unlike wood flooring, bamboo flooring involves the use of grass for your flooring. The grass is compressed and held together by heat and glue, then nailed on your floor, giving you the feel of hardwood. This type of flooring offers an eccentric look and is quite affordable as compared to hardwood. Most suitable in living or bedroom areas as the bamboo floor can easily be damaged by excess moisture.