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Most Common 5 Illnesses That Children Have During Early Age

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During the early age of the children mostly between two years to eight or ten years, they meet with different types of illnesses. These illnesses are very common and they have the prevention as well. However, when our kids go to the school they encounter with lots of other kids and people in the school and from there they sometimes bring these common illnesses with them.

You might wear your kids the school dress latest though the infections affect them and compel them to suffer. Therefore, we always should maintain a healthy life for them where they will eat all healthy, do some physical activities and sleep well. All these things can help them to stay healthy and keep them away from the illnesses as well. Thus, as much as possible the parents should take care of their children health and lifestyle as well.

Besides that, we all know the thing that kids enjoy the junk foods more than any other foods in front of them. Eventually, the parents should restrict their unlimited junk foods eating if they do not so then the children will not able to lead a healthy and illnesses free life. However, they can eat junk foods but very limited and once or twice in a month not every day. 

5 Common Illnesses Of Children 

Now here in this article we will discuss on the most five common illnesses of the children with all of you. Let us now watch those illnesses here shortly.

1. Cold 

This is one of the most common illnesses of the children and because of the rhinovirus, this illness happens. Through the nose, the virus enters and causes headaches, cough, sneezing, sore throat and mild fever as well. During this cold illness, the children may remain mostly irritating. However, there is some prevention as well which can reduce the risk of this illness. The children should always wash their hands in clean way and keep some distance from those people who suffered from this illness as well. 

2. Flu

Another one of the common problems of children is flu. If your children are suffering from this illness then you will some symptoms of having this flu. There you can see many respiratory problems, high fever, headache, severe exhaustion, low appetite and many more. To get rid of from this illness, make sure your children practice the habit washing their hands before taking meals. Moreover, do not share drinking cups and other things as well. 

3. Fever

Most of the time, the kids often face this fever illness as well. The symptoms of this illness are shiver, feel hot to touch, sweat, low appetite, lack of energy, feel sleepy and more. If your children have these symptoms then immediately, consult to a doctor and give them right medicine as well. However, taking the medicines them temperature will decrease and the kids will feel better as well. 

4. Pinkeye

Another name of this illness is conjunctivitis. This infection happens in the white part of the eyeball and within the internal surface of eyelid. The lack of the proper clearance of the eyes helps this illness to grow. This problem can pass from one person to another. Hence, try to keep distance from people. Moreover, during this illness make sure the kids do not touch any of your other body parts. 

5. Strep Throat

Certain bacteria are the cause of this illness and the kids suffer them this problem many times. Thus, advice your kids not of share anything; with other friends and take from them, as well during this illness. 


Hence, all these are the most common illnesses the kids often encountered. However, the parents can easily handle these illnesses by following some prevention as well.