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Important Aspects to Discuss with Your Agency before Making the Corporate Video


Due to countless corporate video production companies in Delhi, picking the best one to create your company’s introduction, ad or explainer video is a difficult job. Whenever you watch a good corporate video, you might wonder who made it and may even ask for referrals. 

However, to narrow down your list of corporate video makers, you need to ask certain questions to each corporate video production company. These questions may be uncommon but will tell you a lot about the quality and production process of corporate filmmakers in Delhi.

  1. What’s the cost of a project and the reasons behind that cost?

You must enquire about the project’s expense, as this is among the most important questions to ask beforehand. You should comprehend what agencies are charging and why they are charging it, as it will help you determine whether or not the associated aspects are worthwhile. By making choices based on costs, you can avoid making any negative judgments. The way a manufacturing company develops a pricing outline reveals a lot about how process-oriented it is. 

  1. How many videos does a company make every month? 

Wondering why this question is important?  The video production companies that produce 100 or more videos per month may not have the same level of customer support as a smaller company that creates 2 to 10 videos per month. Finding out how many videos they make each month (i.e., how many other customers they are working with, besides you) will give you an idea of how the production process will go. 

  1. What return on investment to expect?

You must calculate the return on investment you make on producing high-quality videos. Many times, evaluating ideas from production agencies is difficult. As a result, any ad or corporate video maker in every organisation should be asked about the project schedule and the proceedings. These questions should be satisfactorily answered to determine if any investment is worthwhile.

  1. What strategies they leverage for sales and marketing videos? 

Some agencies claim that the return on investment provided by certain videos is not their responsibility. It’s all up to you. This is because the videos are made with your money. To gain a better understanding of the market, the sales process and other opportunities, one must work with an agency. Corporate videos should not be made solely for branding. However, various contexts, which are more likely to produce big sales, should be carefully considered.

  1. Is a production team made up of contractors or employees?

A videography company with a full-time workforce deals in films daily. They are aware of each other’s weaknesses and strengths, as well as how to work with each other in difficult circumstances and make a fantastic product. The whole procedure with contractors could be smooth or jagged, depending on whether a contractor receives a good deal and quits (or is not completely dedicated to the job) or whether too many people are working on one clip, causing it to lose its consistency. Although this isn’t always the case, it’s crucial to know who will be involved in your video production.

  1. How do you determine a video’s success? 

Another question to pose to a production company that will work on your video is whether they will follow up. You want a business that is invested in the video’s success. The first thing a team should talk about is “what makes a great video,” and then it must compare notes with the video production team. Most companies determine by revenue, according to the 2014 Online Video Production Trends Report. But if your content isn’t sales-oriented, make sure the producer understands and values your video objectives. 

  1. How do the previous implementations of the tools work?

It is critical to recognize the video production techniques used by the company in previous ventures. This is to ensure that the equipment functions properly. 

  1. How detailed the video production process is?

The biggest blunder that you may make is to watch a video (or a series of videos) and be happy that you’ve seen enough and give it a green flag for your corporate video production. This way, you’re just making a hasty decision. As a result, rather than deciding based on a few clips, you must thoroughly examine the message and the production quality to assess the brand. For, as a preview, the company will give you the most engaging videos while hiding the ones with errors.

  1. What’s the correlation between the work of the agency and the company?

You must ask this question because it helps you determine if the video production agency would be beneficial to your business. It also gives you valuable input for the project. 

  1. Ask questions about editing and scripting

You also need to ask them about editing and scripting, as well as people who will be working on these areas. It’s important to know all this to get a deeper understanding of the systems. Besides, it’ll help you have a deeper understanding of the work of the individuals involved.


Asking all these questions to various corporate video production companies will help you find the best agency for your business video. Plus, you’d also have better control over the production process and the result.