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How to get the right render system in the UK?


Are you looking to cover the brickwork with a fantastic render system? Can’t decide which one will go best with the tone and finish? Read this guide to get a definitive answer to your doubts.

Render Systems are typically applied to the outer walls of your house. This is what determines the final look & feel of your house – which makes it all the more important. A Insulated render system is a makeover for your home. But building material manufacturers are constantly coming up with new blends of building materials & chemical ingredients to produce even superior products.

These new options have superb finish quality, improved performance, superior weather resistance, generally very easy to apply & many such enhanced features. This means there is a significantly high number of choices available when you purchase the render systems product. That is why it is such a great idea to have good knowledge about what each product has to offer.

We provides a fantastic range of render systems which are well known through the length & breadth of the country. Not only are these products from the best manufacturers in the UK – these have specialized characteristics that you may need basing upon your requirements. Some of the critically acclaimed products are Weberfloor & Webersil, which are famous in professional circles.

Let us take a deep dive into the various types of render systems that exist and what purpose each of those types serves. The major categories are as follows:

Cement Render

These are the most durable types of renders available in the market. Cement render can be sealed or painted, and they provide additional support to the building when applied. This render is also watertight – prevents leakage of rainwater or dampness, in general, to seep in through the exterior walls.

This render is one of the most popular renders available in the market for multiple reasons – the most appealing one is just how cost-effective it is. Compared to lime or polymer renders, this variant can be applied to the walls most easily and takes significantly lesser time to cure. These properties combine the qualities of ease of application & quick settling into a terrific product.

Cement Render is however recommended only for newer houses. It may crack or frequently break if used for older homes.

Lime Render

Lime is burnt calcium carbonate made by firing chalk, limestones in a kiln to make quicklime. Quicklime is then mixed with water to make the lime render. It is the first coat of the lime plaster applied to the stone, brick & mortar buildings. As lime is porous, it allows the building to breathe, and allow the moisture to pass through and rounded corners.

Buxton & Lincolnshire in the UK produces the major quantity of chalk lime. It is aesthetically more pleasing and flexible enough to create a healthy interior environment. For increasing reinforcement power, animal hair is added – cow and horse hair being the most popular choices due to easy availability. A mixture of sand & lime on an oak frame may crack due to the twisting and shrinkage of the timbre, but when mixed with a substantial quantity of animal hair, it adds a lot of flexibility to the mixture.

Polymer Render

Polymer Render is a cement-based mixture with specially added select polymers. These polymers add special properties to the cement-based coat – like strength, flexibility & ability to be used on varied surfaces. Silicone water repellents are also added to this mixture to incorporate hydrophobic nature.

Some benefits offered by polymers are:

  • Highly adhesive
  • Elasticity
  • Pre-mixed for ready use
  • Highly impact resistant
  • Permeable to vapours

Monocouche Render

These are speciality renders which are applied for making your house look visually appealing and providing sufficient weather protection at the same time. They can be applied by hand or machine – advanced monocouche renders use multiple coatings for better results.

If you are looking for the top of the best products we also available in all UK. These are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and through-coloured renders from fantastic brands which give a vibrant new look to new buildings by its various finish options – scraped, sprayed or roughcast.

Insulated Render

Insulated Renders use a thick hard wall of insulators to retain the ambient heat in your home. Typically used in places with severely low temperatures – these renders can reduce the heat loss from your house by about 50% in its primitive form. They offer high durability & come in a wide variety of colours, increasing the visual appeal of your home. The cladding used is polyurethane foam, polystyrene, mineral wool or phenolic foam.

Acrylic Render

Acrylic is a type of plastic. Any render which uses this plastic is called acrylic render. This render is made stronger & flexible than traditional renders & is much less likely to crack after application.

Here is a quick snapshot:

Weber Weberfloor Industry Pro Top 4610 Weber Standard Mesh Weber Accelerateur Monocouche
Weber Weberfloor Fibre 4310 Weber Weberend LAC Rapid Weber Weberend Bead Adhesive
Weber Webersil TF Weber CL 150 Weber Cullamix Tyrolean