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Get a Pathway to Permanent Residence with 485 Visa Australia


Do you need to visit Australia for some business purposes? If not, then, do you want to visit the nation to see your friends or family or simply wish to indulge in a spree of the cruise? If any of these reasons compel you to visit Australia, then, applying for the visitor visa subclass 600 successfully must be your choice. However, there are some key aspects that you should consider while applying for the visitor visa 600. A checklist of these points has been outlined below for you to consider.

Health Insurance

When you are in Australia with a visitor visa 600, it’s better that you hold substantial health insurance. It will help you cover all your crucial healthcare costs which you might need in Australia. Your health insurance will not only help you to cover any unprecedented medical treatment but there are other benefits too. Say, for instance, it will help you limit your financial obligations aside from ensuring several other benefits.

Eligibility Criteria

When it comes to the Visitor Visa 600 Eligibility criteria, you need to meet the following requirements with a miss.

    • If you are below eighteen years you should lodge an application that is in your best interest
    • You should be the holder of a valid health insurance cover
    • You should prove that you are a genuine visitor in Australia
    • Make sure that you possess adequate funds to support your entire stay in Australia
    • You must have paid back or arrange to pay back all your potential debts to the government of Australia.
    • You must meet the character prerequisite properly
    • You should satisfy the health criterion as well

So, while lodging an application for the tourist visa subclass 600, keep each of these eligibility criteria in mind. By meeting all the eligibility requirements back to back, you can ensure an impeccable application for your visitor visa 600.

Stay Duration

As such, you can stay in Australia with the visitor visa 600 for three individual time-frames. These include:

    • Twelve months
    • Six months or
    • Three months

Since this is a temporary visa, you can stay in Australia with this visa, for the time-frame or dates which are specified on your visa approval letter. The length of your stay will again depend on factors like your reasons to stay in Australia and the duration for which you want to stay in the country etc. To the minimum, you can stay in Australia with this visa for three months for sure. If you are incurred by some substantial circumstances, you can be allowed to stay in Australia as long as twelve months as well.

Potential Obligations

Complying with the key requirements before you apply for visa 600 is not the end of your immigration liabilities. After you are granted this visa, you need to abide by the potential conditions of this visa. Besides, you also abide by the various legal norms of Australia while staying in the country with the visitor visa subclass 600.

GTE and Identity Documents

When applying for the visitor visa 600, there are certain identity and Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) documents that you need to submit. Take a look at the checklist of these documents as per their individual categories.

GTE credentials

The documents which you need to submit for proving that you are a genuine visitor include the following:

Evidence of your journey in case you are applying under the Tourist Stream

A letter of invitation from your friend or relative if you visiting a friend or relative

Evidence of adequate funds in case your friend or relative is sponsoring your visit

Aside these documents you also need to provide documents which prove that you have access to an authority or incentive. By submitting the relevant documents you can prove that you can go back to your native country. Examples include documents related to your property and potential assets in your home country. A letter from your employer specifying your intention to resume your existing job is also required. Documents related to your immediate family members, residence status and visa, etc. are required imperatively too.

Identity Credentials

The identity documents of your 600 Visa require you to submit the following:

    • A recently clicked passport-sized photograph
    • The certified versions of the birth certificates of both you and your eligible family members
    • A certified copy of the name change in case you or any of your accompanying family members has changed his or her name
    • Certified versions of the bio-data pages of your existing passport. Alternatively, you can also submit some crucial travel credentials pertaining to you and your eligible family members. These include your personal details, authentic photographs, and passports’ expiry dates, etc.

To lodge a faultless application of your visitor visa 600 keeping these aspects in mind is crucial. You can hire a migration agent Adelaide to apply for your visa 600 with flying colors. A visa consultant Adelaide will help you lodge the most satisfying visa application while considering each of the points given above.