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If you are looking for a store that sells diamond rings then Diamond Designs is the place for you. Diamond Designs is located in Orange, Connecticut off of the Boston Post Road and specializes in the unique wedding experience through engagement rings. They allow customers to come in with their perfect vision of a diamond ring. We take it from there! Diamond Designs employees and staff help draw together the most beautiful and amazing custom engagement rings for couples, making you want to pass this ring down for generations to come. Almost all of our customers are extremely satisfied with the results of their custom rings. All that we are trying to accomplish here is to make the customer as happy as possible. The Diamond Design staff as a whole engages with customers to give them the best experience possible to make them feel comfortable. This time is such a special and joyous time for couples. It is all about giving help to the couples that want the most perfect wedding. Through exceptional customer service as well as having some of the highest quality of diamond ring design, Diamond Designs is able to ensure a magical experience for any couple that walks through the door. Diamond Designs excels in the custom engagement ring department through their timely and precise schedule along with having outstanding customer service. While we know this is a hectic time in the couples life we want to make sure it is a timely process as well, making sure customers get their diamond ring as soon as possible. If they could, customers always wish they can go through the process of choosing the ring again simply because Diamond Designs made the process fun and enjoyable for their customers. That is what this is all about. Not only does this incredibly designed ring look beautiful, but it will serve as a reminder of how amazing the process was. Couples will think about how easy it was in order to get this ring as well as the exceptional customer service that they received. In conclusion, Diamond Designs gives all customers who are looking for custom engagement rings the best possible experience and they always give the customer what they want. Customers are always satisfied and never feel like the rings are not perfect. Diamond Designs has a great service in the department of custom diamond engagement rings. We love serving every happy couple that comes around!