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Delving Deeper into Custom Rigid Box Packaging

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Custom rigid box packaging is a popular choice to encase certain products, primarily because of the solid support and luxury feel it provides.

These are also known as premium packaging owing to their weight and expense.

Here we will look at what custom rigid boxes are, how they are constructed, what their advantages are, and uncover some successful examples for you to consider.

So, let’s get rolling!

What is Custom Rigid Box Packaging?

The paper-based packaging consists of high-thickness chipboard wrapped with decorative specialty paper. Custom rigid box packaging is also commonly referred to as gift boxes or setup boxes. The premium packaging option is used to encase board games, jewelry, gifts, and more.

Moreover, the premium feel of the packaging significantly improves the unboxing experience that paves the way for more business opportunities to establish a strong brand narrative. These boxes have many distinguished capabilities, including:

  • Printing
  • Decorative elements
  • Coatings
  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing/debossing

Flexible vs. Custom Rigid Boxes

Unlike flexible packaging, rigid boxes consist of paper, wood, plastic, metal, and other materials. In brief, it refers to a solid packaging solution that protects the enclosed items from any potential damage during transit.

As the name suggests, custom rigid boxes do not alter their shape. While solid construction and support make it attractive for retailers and manufacturers, who require a reliable packaging solution, the boxes’ luxurious feel helps products stand out in the retail environment.

Manufacturing and Production

The manufacturing of custom rigid boxes is like none other. Just the way a gift box is wrapped, these boxes are precisely made by wrapping paper around them. The sturdy boards of the packaging come in kraft or grey base color that is partially made out of recycled fibers. However, it is also constructed in white and other base colors.

Each board is separately glued together to give you a stellar rigid box. But it takes slightly more time to create stellar rigid boxes, which can take 1-2 weeks to create these packages.

Rigid box manufacturers in USA, like The Legacy Printing, when producing these boxes, closely inspect them for defects to maintain quality standards prior to shipping the packages. As a result, rigid boxes cost a slighter more than other packaging options.

Types of Rigid Boxes

There are different types of rigid boxes. Here we will shed light on some of the most popular ones. For instance, tube-shaped custom rigid packaging is a unique and eco-friendly option for all those who want their products to stick out. The cylindrical-shaped packaging has no corners, and it is usually made in shoulder-neck style, which makes it easy for buyers to open it.

The tube packaging is ideal for enclosing small products like cosmetics, drinks, stationery, and other accessories by offering a convenient opening method. best mall in London

On the other hand, if you need packaging with firm magnetic closure, try leveraging magnetic closure rigid boxes. The beautiful snap is oddly satisfying as it firmly seals the container and prevents the contents from getting damaged or falling out.

The magnetic closure rigid packing has two magnets that keep the box from opening. Because of its sturdy material and finish, customers are less likely to throw them away. Making them with sustainable materials will aid you in drawing eco-conscious customers.


Custom rigid box packaging is class apart, especially when one talks about presentation. These boxes are an excellent substitute for plastic packaging owing to their versatility in printing and incredible finishing. More importantly, they allow for easy access upon opening.

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