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Custom Engagement Rings

If you are in the market for a custom engagement ring, Diamond Designs is the place to go. Diamond Designs is located in Orange, CT and is the premier jewelry store in Southern Connecticut! Diamond Designs is a small local business that sells a wide variety of jewelry including watches, rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even more! They sell jewelry from top-level companies including Simon G., Ritani, and Artcarved! Diamond Designs also are able to offer a unique jewelry buying experience through the process, especially for those looking for custom engagement rings! As a customer, you get to sit down with employees and talk out the best way you can purchase the desired custom ring you have planned out. Throughout this process, you are able to get to really know the Diamond Designs employees as they make you feel very at home. Diamond Designs’ wonderful staff team can also help any customer plan out how they want their custom ring to look. At Diamond Designs, they have some of the best designers around. The process is very exciting and everybody always wants to see the finished product! The Diamond Designs team works their hardest to get the jewelry made and ready to deliver as soon as possible. They also focus on the aspect of customer service making your experience as a buyer unique and memorable. They take pride in their timely design process. They understand that customers are eager to see what the finished product looks like. While they do ensure a timely process, they can also ensure customers that their custom engagement rings will be handled with the best care possible. With the custom jewelry process, you are able to express yourself completely and fully and here at Diamond Designs, they will help you achieve that! They love helping design jewelry for their customers! Custom engagement rings are a great way to get the exact look you want in a certain timeless piece and the Diamond Designs team is the best at getting the job done!. If you are in the market for custom engagement ring design, Diamond Designs is most certainly the place for you!

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Diamond Designs is a small local business jewelry store located in the town of Orange, Connecticut. They sell a variety of jewelry that is also available on their online store. COVID-19 has brought a hectic change to everyday life, but Diamond Designs does not let this stop them from helping customers with their jewelry needs. While the store is open, Diamond Designs’ online store is a great way to shop for all kinds of jewelry from the ease of your home. Some of the brands consist of Ritani and Simon G. Even through their online store, Diamond Designs tries to help customers with their purchasing decisions by providing the easiest way to purchase wedding ring sets. The website allows customers to choose a specific model they want and all of the characteristics that come with every ring. It almost feels as though you are shopping for the ring in the actual store! Overall, the Diamond Designs experience is not only just carried out through the store in Orange, Connecticut but as well as the online store. The online store is the best secondary option to buy a wedding ring set through Diamond Designs jewelry store. All in all, Diamond Designs not only does a great job giving customers all they need to make the important decision of purchasing a wedding ring set in store but they also do the same out of store through their online jewelry retail store!