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Best Mobo for I5 8600k


With regards to gaming, having the most recent CPU and GPU is significant for keeping up a high FPS during gaming meetings. Accordingly, in the event that you wish to update your CPU, it is essential to get the most recent gen processors. This will guarantee your machine stays aware of the ever-expanding computer game necessities for as far as might be feasible.

Intel’s Coffee Lake processors, which must be utilized with 300 arrangement chipsets, incorporate best mobo for i5 8600k. These are the benchmark processors with regards to gaming in 2019, and you’ll need to be outfitted with the best gaming motherboard accessible.

Since both the i7-8700K and the i5-8600K CPUs aren’t viable with 100 arrangement and 200 arrangement chipsets, you need a 300 arrangement chipset motherboard to house these incredible CPUs. Here we will be taking a gander at the Z370 motherboards. These are essential for the 300 arrangement chipset motherboards and are the main formally upheld standard motherboards for both the i7-8700K and the i5-8600K CPUs.

A Bit of Info on both Intel Core i5-8600K and Intel Core i7-8700K

The i5-8600K is intended for spending plan disapproved of gamers who need a superior processor. It is marginally less ground-breaking than the i7-8700K and has a maximum clock speed of 4.3 GHz and a base clock speed of 3.6 GHz. The i7-8700K, then again, has a base clock speed of 3.7 GHz and a maximum clock speed of 4.7 GHz. With the accompanying motherboards, your i7-8700K can arrive at clock rates of 5.0 GHz or more.

Likewise, with regards to centers, the i5-8600K and the i7-8700K both have six centers. The two CPUs can hyper thread/multithread. This is the thing that permits the CPU to support its speed as it takes into consideration simultaneous execution of strings (littlest succession of customized guidelines). In the event that a PC program is a body, at that point strings are the atoms. While i5-8600K can execute 6 strings simultaneously, i7-8700K can execute 12 strings simultaneously.

The i7-8700K has a savvy store of 12 MB while the i5-8600K has a shrewd reserve of 9 MB. Reserve is simply the memory found on the CPU and is straightforwardly utilized for number juggling and rationale preparing. Store memory is incredibly quick, static, and obviously effective.

1.ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero

In case you’re a gamer without spending imperatives, the ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero is a phenomenal decision. As expected of all advanced gaming motherboard, this load up upholds overclocking.

Likewise, it has a RGB lighting framework which is very striking. As with the motherboards in this survey, the ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero bolsters Intel’s Coffee Lake processors and won’t work with more established age processors. It likewise bolsters various GPUs utilizing SLI or Crossfire innovation. The M.2 heatsink on board cools the SSD and keeps execution up.


  • It has a locally available coordinated 802.11ac Wi-Fi.
  • Its RGB Aura lighting is beautifully superb.
  • Has a high constancy gaming sound framework.
  • This motherboard has all the required highlights a gamer could need.


  • It doesn’t have numerous USB ports.
  • It’s significantly costlier than the GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 5

2.GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 5

This is extraordinary compared to other gaming motherboards available. In any case, the principle reason, we love this motherboard is a result of its looks. Truly, this motherboard underpins Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs. Furthermore, indeed, it has extension openings that help Multi-GPU and SLI/Crossfire. It even has an inbuilt Wi-Fi card. Be that as it may, the RGB combination LED lighting is invigorating, beautiful and unique. This strong motherboard has a glorious format which is shockingly cleaned up.

The GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 is very much planned, and first in class. Then again, it makes certain to take up a sizeable lump of your financial plan for your PC manufacture. How about we take a gander at all the specs and highlights of this motherboard.


  • The Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming motherboard has a decent cleaned up format.
  • The RGB Fusion Lighting highlight is attractive and brilliant.
  • It has all the highlights, ports, openings and specs a cutting edge gamer will require in a motherboard.


  • It is expensive.

3.MSI Z370-A PRO

The MSI Z370-A PRO is a very much assembled motherboard and one of the more reasonable in this arrangement. It is worked to offer eminent insurance to your segments, for example, GPUs, CPU, connector cards, and RAMs.

Similarly as with different motherboards, it underpins overclocking and will push your CPU pass its clock speed. The dull espresso earthy colored and dark shading plan of this motherboard makes it less striking than the different motherboards investigated. Nonetheless, I am accepting this won’t be an issue for most gamers.


  • It’s entirely moderate.
  • It is all around assembled and strong.


  • It doesn’t have a HDMI port.
  • It doesn’t have the same number of spaces and highlights as different motherboards in the audit. (At the cost, this is not out of the ordinary.)

Wrap Up

There you have it! These are the five best gaming motherboards available in 2020. The kind of motherboard you get relies upon both your financial plan and needs. With the motherboards evaluated in this article, you can overclock your i7-8700K and i5-8600K processors and arrive at clock paces of over 5.0 GHz. This improves ongoing interaction as well as guarantees you benefit from your PC for quite a long time to come.