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Best Apps to Stay Organized in 2021


To keep track of everything becomes difficult when you’re balancing education, job, or even networking. An organising app can replace sticky notes and words written in your notebooks by providing a concentrated location to ensure you don’t miss anything crucial. That’s why here are some apps that entrepreneurs use daily. These apps will help with organizing to-do lists, time management, and productivity.

1. Any. do

Suppose you are the kind of individual who gets so busy that you forget to perform your regular tasks, Any.do is without a doubt a wonderful tool for you. The app includes a to-do list, notes, and reminders that helps to remind the set of to-do’s throughout the day. You can also share it with others and assign tasks to them. Furthermore, the software allows you to sync your lists across web, desktop, and mobile platforms, allowing you to change them in real-time. In addition, its voice entry function allows you to add things by merely speaking, which reduces your stress levels to a significant extent.
Available on: Android; iOS

2. Cloze

It might be tough to maintain track of all of your business relationships at times. It is why you want the assistance of an excellent contacts manager. Well, check out Cloze. The software connects all of your contacts in one place and provides social networking features and an email command centre. Cloze syncs all of your contacts’ information from social media and email, ensuring that you are constantly up to speed with them. The software also functions as a social media command centre, allowing you to tweet and change your status.
Available on: Android; iOS

3. Just Press Record

Just Press Record is multi-purpose recording software that includes functions like transcribing (for taking notes much easier). Users will record from any button click on the app, the lock screen, or the notification widget using the app. Just Press Record is only accessible for iOS devices. However, there is an Apple Watch app that makes it much easier to use. This is a watch that makes it easy to use. Recordings are saved according to the time and date they were made, and they may also be renamed manually. Recordings are also synced to iCloud and may be shared.
Available on: iOS

4. Todoist

Todoist is another fantastic to-do list and calendar software. It’s a multiplatform planning tool that takes a straightforward, gimmick-free approach to task management and interaction. This app’s language engine makes it simple to turn a written notion into a recurring or one-time activity. Colour-coded task categories can be used to establish priority levels. You’ll also get access to shared projects and productivity graphs, which will help you measure your success over time. It is an excellent buddy if you want to get things done quickly.
Available on: Android; iOS

5. Cam Scanner

CamScanner is one of the few productivity applications that come close to matching it. In essence, this marvel of an app transforms your phone’s camera into a portable document scanner and OCR tool, allowing you to convert photographs of paper documents into PDF or JPD formats. You may then store these files to your phone or upload them to a cloud storage service to share them with others. In addition, you can manage everything and transform it into an electronic document with clever cropping and scan quality improvement.
Available on: Android; iOS

6. 24me

You receive fantastic virtual assistant software with 24me that helps you stay organised during your demanding day. It has features like a to-do list and a calendar, as well as note capabilities. The calendar is compatible with various other calendar services such as Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal. Moving on, 24me also sends out smart notifications, such as a reminder for upcoming events and chores, the best time to leave for your next meeting, and even weather warnings. Furthermore, you can easily make appointments and take notes with voice control. In addition, you can schedule tasks with other devices such as Siri, Alexa, and others.
Available on: Android; iOS

7. Pocket

If you enjoy reading books, there’s a good chance you’ve wasted time reading an intriguing article when you could have done something more fruitful. It’s better not to feel terrible. We’ve all been in that situation. If you download Pocket, though, this problem may be resolved. Pocket, which is just a rebranded version of Read It Later, is a fantastic offline reading application that allows you to choose and store articles, movies, and photos to read later. In addition, it allows you to keep track of all the intriguing material you wish to read while focusing on the critical tasks at hand.
Available on: Android; iOS

8. Evernote

This application is one of the most widely used cross-platform note-taking apps available. Users can create and upload notes, audios, images, and videos to the app, which will then be organised into notebooks that can be shared across many devices. Evernote has several useful features, including excellent organising, sharing, and formatting choices. While several applications have joined the note-taking market, Evernote has managed to maintain its dominance till now.
Available on: Android; iOS

9. Dropbox

Although Dropbox has been around for a long time, there is no denying its importance. Dropbox is responsible for the current state of cloud storage. The software is a go-to tool for many users who want to save and exchange files quickly. Dropbox is primarily an online storage locker where you may store files, images, documents, movies, and other media so that you can access them from anywhere (and also download if you want to access them while offline). The software may also be used to collaborate and share files.
Available on: Android; iOS

10. Trello

Trello is a digital bulletin board that allows you to organise your to-do list, assign tasks, and take notes. You can make lists in Trello, which are dynamic containers that may be filled with cards. Notes, tasks, thoughts, images, and more can also be included in this app to better track and prevent data loss. You may move items to other lists by simply dragging and dropping them up and down the line. These ideas and tasks can be shared with other users. You may also add comments, assign tasks, and create new cards.
Available on: Android; iOS


So, there you have it: ten organising apps to help you better manage your life and increase your productivity. Productivity is simple to accomplish, and if you have the right tools, you will have no trouble getting it done. These will undoubtedly help you get started. Just look for them, get to know them, and you’re good to go.