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3 Smart Ways To Manage Expenses With A Fullerton India Personal Loan


With decades of experience, Fullerton India has established itself as a pioneer in the digital lending space. The personal loan without any end-use restrictions and the flexible repayment tenure is of its most popular offerings. Fullerton India offers personal loans up to Rs 25 Lakhs at the market-driven attractive interest rate with no collateral or security. 

Applying for a personal loan and getting approval is relatively easy. All you have to do is download the Fullerton India Instaloan app or visit the official website. To apply for the loan, fill in the application, upload the required documents and submit your form. Your loan will be approved subject to a successful verification, and the amount will be directly disbursed to your bank account.

However, the next part is also very critical, as it includes managing your expenses through a Fullerton India instant personal Loan.

Manage your expenses with a Personal Loan

Based on why you have opted for a loan, there are several ways in which you can learn money management. The tips suggested below provide a smart way to manage your expenses with a Fullerton India personal loan.

  • Plan your loan: Instead of taking a loan out of the blue, make sure you plan it out. It will help you manage your expenses and repay the loan on time. Some of the ways you can plan your loan are: 
    1. Know your requirements: Whether you are using the loan for a vacation, education, or some other personal expenses, know your needs and calculate the loan amount you require with the online calculators. 
    2. Calculate your expenses: Based on the past two or three months, analyze the pattern of your monthly expenses. It will give you an insight into how to accommodate your loan EMI. 
    3. Cut down on some expenses: If the costs calculated in the previous step don’t leave scope for EMI repayment, you might have to look for options to cut down your expenses. Some of them can include: limiting restaurant bills, using public transport or pooled services, avoid unnecessary monthly subscriptions of OTT platforms or costly mobile data packs, etc. 
  • Make timely payments: Once you have taken the loan, ensure to repay the amount on time each month. A single miss can increase your next month’s EMI or even cost you some penalty. It will also impact your credit score adversely. To make timely repayments, follow the routine:
  1. Keep loan repayment as a priority.
  2. Keep a reminder for the loan repayment schedule.
  3. Activate auto deduction from the account for the loan EMI.
  • Reduce your principal amount quickly: The EMI you pay comprises two parts — the principal amount and the interest. If you carefully analyze the EMI you pay each month, you will see that the EMI mainly includes a higher interest component during the initial months. The interest charged can be considerably high due to a hefty principal amount. Therefore, try to reduce your principal amount early-on to lower your EMIs as well. Some of the ways one can do that are: 
    1. Prepay if possible: Instead of sticking to the entire repayment tenure, prepay as much amount as you can each month. 
    2. Read the fine print thoroughly: Before finalizing the loan, ensure to read all the terms and conditions of the loan thoroughly. Be clear about all the charges, including processing fees, late EMI penalties, or foreclosure charges. 
    3. Increase EMI with rising income: Ensure to pay a higher EMI with any significant increase in the income. A relatively small increase in the loan amount can significantly reduce the total amount payable and help you close out the loan earlier than the planned schedule.


A Fullerton India instant personal loan can be your best friend to cover all contingencies and unplanned expenses. It is easily accessible and doesn’t require you to meet stiff Personal loan eligibility criteria. Once the loan is approved, you can spend the amount as per your needs without any restrictions on end usage. However, careful planning for utilizing the amount and sound repayment strategy can help you reap the maximum benefits of such a loan.